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Best of 3 match
Dec 28, 2013, 3:30 AM CET


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2 : 0

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Titan vs StarTale.dota
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Winner: Titan
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  • ronald "adlanor" morata ,
    Startale got this...they are the nemesis of Titan. Game 2 against iG was bad...they should have been aggressive.
  • J "-K" L ,
    Startale was very close to winning against mineski in round1, not sure if they are that good already or mineski underestimated Startale, however this is a bo3 and could be a nice show :D
    • Marrion James "shitson123" Roque ,
      mineski said themselves how startale improved.. maybe its because they got punished a lot by chinese.
  • "DELETED-USER-1533494797" ,
    Titan - info over9999...
  • Raine "RaineEix" Dar Juan ,
    i support titan but im going all in for startale.
  • wahyu "iwashere" anggoro ,
    cmon MP!
  • jesray "Gart" garciano ,
    I bet my rares to Startale, i don't care if i'll lose. I just want to see a good fight.. :)
  • Neko "littlek4za" Kuro ,
    when the match start???
  • Raine "RaineEix" Dar Juan ,
    Titan took game 1 crushing Startale after 16 minutes
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