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First Departure vs StarTale.dota
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Winner: StarTale
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  • akira "ROMEOKILLJULIET" udou ,
    who cast ? no one cast this
  • rev "jepppp" rev ,
    WOAW! Cant believe it.
  • Kelua "kelua4" Poker Face ,
    Wow Startale won. Didn't see that coming. It was a close match, both teams played well. They successfully take out one of the four powerhouses SEA has to offer. Three more to go. Looking forward to seeing how Startale fairs against Titan.
  • HJM "premium.heart" THR ,
    Lol. Upset! Them rares must be flying.
  • Fuck "FirstTimeDota34" Face ,
    The Rise Of Korea Doto
  • X "Quo" X ,
    I guess FD should have let Meracle played for them.
  • Carlo "CarLuhhh" Lescano ,
    LOVE IT. this is KOREA DOTO,. HAHAHA no more drama for KOREA
  • ansary "yoahl" alauya ,
    FD is in a slump right now, 1-4 in their last 5 matches! and don't underestimate Startale, They had given Fnatic and Mineski a tough fight
  • Carlo "CarLuhhh" Lescano ,
    i didnti watched the game,because i cant find the stream for this game. i really like this febby. but he need more time, he is lack of experience!
  • Thev "Thev" Devalcryon ,
    this MentalProtector also play pretty good
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