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Team DK vs TongFu
You did not bet on this match.



  • Usain "zapsinzap" Tan ,
  • dell "snapcase" c ,
    DK's first championship title!
  • Rand "pussyInvader" Long ,
  • ! "Kaede_Takanashi" ! ,
    DK Big 3 teach Burden zhou how to play dota! Mu Thought "I could kick this Burden zhou?" Burden zhou and its fans is The world cancer. Disappear plz! LMAO!
    • shanglong "lishanglong" li ,
      Burden zhou should really retired if he loses this match. Burden zhou should kill himself if he lose.
    • ! "Kaede_Takanashi" ! ,
      Latest news: Burden zhou and its fans Heart attack to lose the game3! LMAO!
  • xere "anti-mage" z ,
    Dk always fall in the final of any tournament. Hope this 1 dk got it.
  • Arya "saInT_oF_dEaTh" Kumar ,
    That was just 1 series........Do not get your hopes up that much......Zhou is still little weak......The match against DK myt prove smthin,.,.,.,.
  • Ericson "fireredstill" Buenaventura ,
    DK got this!!!
  • X "Xenaz" enaz ,
    Exciting Final!!!
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