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First Departure vs Orange Neolution
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  • Nguyễn Quốc "boyhoinach" Đạt ,
  • Stathis "Acential" Dk ,
    Yamateh OD easiest game of their lives...
  • harry "joy_hyhy" lim ,
    tbh sharky is a really bxxshxt carry
  • Maverick "mavownz" Nilo ,
    What happend to orange ?? Mushi left and everything started to go to shit .
    • Malibu "Malibu_Stacey" Stacey ,
      Mushi left & the squad got a new sponsor/moved to a new organisation called Titan. This isn't the same Orange which got 3rd place at TI3, this is the MUFC team which lost every single match they played at TI3 and have so far a 4/7 win rate since they became 'Orange' (all games against SEA teams) but because gg.net want to track organisations, not teams or players it looks like they're about 30 or more ranks higher than they really should be.
  • x "xxy" xy ,
    orange tier3 sea.kappa
  • Diean "NaG.NasDNdsY" Dieans ,
    how to bet this tournament? can teach me?
  • George "TwincasT" Makintosh ,
    Looking forward for Mineski vs Orange at the grand finals but i think FD will take this. They just played more like a team than Orange. Clearly Orange has better players individually. but i guess thats not the only thing that matters. this Orange squad can be great in time. Let's see if they can deliver given the talent.
  • nicko "fmg1120130093" gutierrez ,
    Mineski vs FD on the grand finals its gonna be so good :)
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