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Team Dignitas.Dota2 vs Speed Gaming
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Winner: Speed
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  • Angus "AngusMacAskill" MacAskill ,
    SingSing doto best doto.
  • J "Kalimbalim" Nar ,
    Can someone elaborate why inphinity_ (5th player of Dignitas) didn't get to Korea?
    • Joshua "Sakaki" Thng ,
      Korok is the one who isnt there..inphinity was there..not sure why korok wasnt there though
  • wahyu "iwashere" anggoro ,
    ez game
  • Alexandru "cnS" Dumitrescu ,
    4 canadian players playing in different teams in a invitational tournament in Korea against each other . this should be fun . Speed Gaming has this i think .
  • Ивайло "wolf4o" Радков ,
    EE-sama shall show no mercy this time.
  • Angus "AngusMacAskill" MacAskill ,
    Why do people like EE so much? He's one of the worst carries ever. Hell, even Loda is better and Loda sucks ass.
    • wahyu "iwashere" anggoro ,
      ok master
    • Swagger "da-gg-er" McSwaggington ,
      He played alright this game, but yeah overall still pretty weak carry. People like him because he is an interesting character. He's very openly nerdy (loves anime etc) and isn't afraid to speak his mind, which can be a good and bad thing imo.
    • W "LegendWw" W ,
      i feel more like people are making fun of him tbh
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