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Oct 29, 2013, 10:45 PM CET


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Alliance vs Speed Gaming
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  • "trevize" ,
    waiting over an hour already. every other team would have gotten a def loss
  • Patrick Joseph "gosuLurk" Aglibut ,
    was really confused to see two live matches for Speed Gaming
  • Professor "changeling" Chaos ,
    Damn would i be pissed if i had waited over an hour for this game :D
  • Patrick Joseph "gosuLurk" Aglibut ,
  • "welcome_addiction" ,
    singx2 was on PA and EE on lycan. on point:Are Speed Gaming fans Na'Vi fans or what? Why so much hate for Alliance?(The TI 3 Champions Alliance?) This pubstomp was great, not for our viewing pleasure, but rather,'cause after 5 mins in the game, the "PUNCH ALLIANCE" "PUNCH THE R[A]TS" comments drowned in despair. Can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen kids. Kewl
    • Timothy "itsjenyoumen" Dong ,
      taking twitch chat seriously is the dumbest thing you can do
    • Kain "KainLord" Lord ,
      Hmm , are you an Alliance fan or am I mistaken? Oh wait... I just got cancer after reading this comment. Thanks man, hope you feel better now.
    • DRiVER "DRiVER" helsinki ,
      haha :D
    • Markie "markie" Gwapo ,
      Welcome to the internet bro. Being butthurt is the worst thing you should do. Here take my punch ༼ ᕤºل͟º ༽ᕤ
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