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TongFu vs DK eSports
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  • BurNing "joysword" ForeVer ,
    I don't think the time of this game is correct. I just read a post at some Chinese website saying that this game is on 9am, Dec. 3rd(Beijing time, which is in +8 zone)
    • Linus "Tjernobylbarnet" Staaf ,
      According to the official site; http://d2l.gg/East/ this is played Dec 3rd, 8pm EST which is the time we've got for it.
      • BurNing "joysword" ForeVer ,
        thanks for the link! Chinese websites changed displayed schedule to the same one as we see here and at official websites at last minute. I'm not sure if it's a mistake only at Chinese websites or official websites also changed to the 'correct' time at last minute
  • BurNing "joysword" ForeVer ,
    seems the time here is exactly 1 DAY later than actual time
  • shour "yushour" yu ,
    this is right according to the official website
  • shour "yushour" yu ,
    And most importantly, Mushi and ice3 are on the flight to China right now. Do you think they can play dota2 during the flight?
    • BurNing "joysword" ForeVer ,
      I was also wondering about this. Weird all chinese websites didn't change their schedule until last minute
  • shour "yushour" yu ,
    With no ping issues,DK will dominate in China. I just hope so.
  • Cwind "HolyCwind" Holy ,
    BO 1?
    • shour "yushour" yu ,
      BO3 i think Will follow an all best of three "Bubble Race" format
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