Korea, Republic of


Korea, Republic of
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Nov 9, 2013, 5:00 AM CET


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fOu vs StarTale.dota
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Winner: StarTale
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  • Kelua "kelua4" Poker Face ,
    This'll show us who Korea's best really is. FXO has obviously been in the scene a bit longer and has shown much stronger performances in comparison to Startale, but Startale is on a roll with six consecutive wins and no losses, not counting the default loss against FXO. Even though their wins were against low tier teams they've been showing some promise in their recent games. Who knows, they might just pull an upset. Realistically speaking though I reckon FXO should win this match up without much trouble, despite Startales' little winning streak and recent improvement.
  • "trevize" ,
    gg.net please combine fou with FXOpen (as it's the same team under a different name) http://www.gosugamers.net/teams/5991-fxopen-e-sports
  • wahyu "iwashere" anggoro ,
    lol dat weaver..from hero to zero
  • chen "Gamaxxx" tnt ,
    game 2. what a invorker play.. korean improved alot
    • Ilja "Pu3Ho" Brr ,
      rofl what so good about that? i can easily do same in pubs -_- and fxo is like team from semi-pro sltv = same as pubs nothing to be hyped about lol
      • Toco "Toco_" !!! ,
        k butthurt
        • Ilja "Pu3Ho" Brr ,
          another guy from country with 0 even near normal lvl teams ofc you can;t play like them rofl
  • chen "Gamaxxx" tnt ,
    game 2 invorker. what a play
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