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DK eSports vs TongFu
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  • Faa "Mayooo" Mayo ,
    Censored by GosuCrew
  • Maria Joan "nenengwhite" Pacatang ,
    DK! <3
  • Tara "miammie" Te ,
    Mushi <3
  • Ивайло "wolf4o" Радков ,
    ez for zhou
  • wang "sAviOr_Q" zhengqiao ,
    Censored by GosuCrew
  • Joe "Azarkon" Dude ,
    DK trying to play Alliance style but has no idea how to avoid being ganked. Patience from Burden.
    • shuopeng "shouperman" cui ,
      DK trying to play [A] style dota with only one hero capable of split pushing. Also DK banned out Chen, LD and Naix......I don't think their lineup is suitable for [A] dota, also Tonfu's lineup is super gank oriented with clock and bone with long initiations. When [A] played DK with rat dota, DK's line up was average in terms of ganking, the only hero capable of long range initiation with a blink puck. You have to pick the right heroes to play certain style of dota. If DK picked Nature's prophet rather than Bristle, [A] rat dota is a lot easier to pull off with Bristle back, a hero with 0 split pushing power. When iG utilises Bristle Back.....they don't [A] dota, they play iG dota which is kill kill kill, dive dive dive. Super aggressive face rush dota
  • william "paraluman" ferida ,
    what was ice3x doing? @,@
  • Wang "wyz_forever" Yanzhe ,
    bone looks strong for push
  • Johnny "johnnyx" X ,
    The solo champion is day dreaming in laning stage even when DK wins
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