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Jul 11, 2013, 3:00 PM CEST


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Virtus Pro-Dota2 vs Natus Vincere Dota 2
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  • Dave "WhyYouNo_" Soriano ,
    50 on Virtus Pro-Dota2 – With these percentages, you may win: 669 branches
  • DRiVER "DRiVER" helsinki ,
    Virtus pro has won 4 from 9 last matches against Na`Vi , and does have the power of surprise, but Na`Vi playing too hot right now. its quite gg already. but lets wish for a surprise :)
    • Vitaliy "ozoneee" Romanyuk ,
      NaVi's off.site said that they probably will play with 2 standins, so VP have good chances
    • A "CrazyLazy" Bazz ,
      You also forgetting about jet lag and plain trip overall (they just arrived yesterday .. and went into their homes -- they are not on bootcamp yet). Bot sure if they will play all 5 this match (or all today's matches) -- we will see. In any case: VP has good chances vs Na`Vi today (purely because of the above).
  • Petar "Me4onyX" Tenev ,
    nice 1 lvl rosh by vp ^^
  • Dawid "uNv.dawidek-" Khalid ,
    NAVi playing with standins??? Lacoste? NaVi(4) ??
  • Petar "Me4onyX" Tenev ,
    navi 4 is xboct i believe you know ..BTS hexagons Carry - 4
  • kelvin keith "kkrobante" robante ,
    i guess navi-alliance game after this wont be something to look forward to.
  • Petar "Me4onyX" Tenev ,
    and that's why xboct is "4" aahahhaha more throws please
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