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Aug 4, 2016, 6:00 PM CEST


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Natus Vincere Dota 2 vs Alliance
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  • Kevin "Kxix" Kxix ,
    Hello and welcome to the 2nd day of The International group stage guys ! Let’s watch some entertaining match like yesterday wohooo ! :D (Join us on Facebook : Distinct Gaming / @distinctgaming2015) --- GROUP A --- NAVI status : *** NAVI yesterday : ** Key Factor : Dendi (Midlane) ALLIANCE status : **** ALLIANCE yesterday : *** Key Factor : S4 (Midlane / Captain) - EL CLASSICO is back today ! As one of the biggest clash of Dota 2, this match will be exciting as many Dota 2 fans expected out there ! - NAVI performance was really bad yesterday. 1 lost and 2 draw is not good as one of the “more than average” team like NAVI, especially during TNC match. Today, beside they will face ALLIANCE, they will also face one of the top team LGD. - As we can see Dendi is the only player that performed “better” in the team. Ditya Ra is not always good and he just play really well during the Ember pick. Also Sonneiko likely to be killed by the enemy team so he is the “blackhole” for NAVI his position as captain. - ALLIANCE peformance yesterday was quite good. They rekt TNC really hard with a big gap and showed them who’s the boss. They also managed to grab a draw against LGD. Their lost is just against OG but it’s still expected. - S4 is the MVP of the team. His performance yesterday was simply showed people that he’s still considered as one of the best midlaner in the world. AdmiralBulldog was quite good too, despite he just performed well when he used LD.
  • Ferenc "-sly-" Szabó ,
    Alliance can win 2 : 0! Go Loda kill them all!
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