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Jun 9, 2016, 10:30 AM CEST


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MVP Phoenix vs OG
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  • abd "badwanisho" badwan ,
    I have no idea where to put my rares here!!.. OG or MVP?!! help :(
  • Mika "MikaLokonen" Lokonen ,
    Liquid and OG kinda similar, both shift to late game through agression or push through it, that's true for MVP too, but MVP is most agressive here. It worked for Liquid and they shut them down and took series 2-0 thought it was very close on map2, so they CAN win series vs OG too and I go with it. On other side, OG is very powerful team and can win pretty much anyone here, so you can't say "ez 4 mvp i bet all", because it wouldn't.
    • Kamel "RigelMYR" salameh ,
      same thought , i think mvp needs to win some early game this time to secure the series vs OG , u cant always comeback .
  • GE "kenG" FENGXIU ,
    wow~The 2nd game just break out the record of IG 22:0 EG.
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