Dreamhack Summer 2012 - Vengeance Cup


Tournament system
• 4 groups with 4 team per group, making it 16 teams
• Groupstage games are bo1
• 2 from each group advances to quarter final
• Quarters, Semi and Final are bo3
• There is no third place, losers of Semis both share 3rd
In case of twoway-tie
• Individual game result between the two tied teams applies.
In case of threeway-ties
• Time rating applies. The team or teams who got the lowest accumulated time for their wins
gets the best Time Rating and hence move on to next stage.
• NOTE: Only the matches relevant to the threeway tie (i.e. those played between the
teams tied) is to be counted. A match vs a team not included in the tie will not affect
the time rating.
Rules; external
• BYOC-teams must first sign up on BinaryBeast and then proceed to Game Info in Hall C to
confirm their participation. While doing so, the team must also state one seatcode they’ll
be at during the qualifiers. Confirmation opens at 09 and closes at 14. Round 1 starts at 15.
• The teams in the groupstage must state a phone number to the team, so they can be
contacted if needed.
Appearing at the event
• Your team are to appear atleast 30 minutes before match time.
Rules; internal
• Flaming and bad-mouthing is not allowed. No offensive nicknames or teamnames are
• Host game by selecting “Practice Game” and setting a password for the lobby. The other
team can join the game by filtering by passwords. Select Server: Europe. You must always
tell admins know the password before you start (unless it’s during the BYOC qualifiers).
Streaming and spectating
• No streaming allowed except for streamers chosen by Dreamhack.
• Only chosen streamers and admins will be allowed in the spectator-spots.
Choosing sides
• The winner of a coin toss gets to decide either if they want to choose
• first pick /second pick, or
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