• Starting date Jun 4, 2012
  • Format 5v5
Top team will be promoted to division 1. [hnice]Scheduling the playdays[/hnice] Every week features two playdays. Every playday features six teamslots, these are the times available for playing the games. The games can not be played on a different day or a different time. They available timeslots are: [b]The week-day round[/b] <li> Tuesday 18.00 CEST <li> Tuesday 20.00 CEST <li> Tuesday 22.00 CEST <li> Wednesday 18.00 CEST <li> Wednesday 20.00 CEST <li> Wednesday 22.00 CEST [b]The week-end round[/b] <li> Saturday 16.00 CEST <li> Saturday 18.00 CEST <li> Saturday 20.00 CEST <li> Sunday 16.00 CEST <li> Sunday 18.00 CEST <li> Sunday 20.00 CEST Before every round, your team will [b]deny[/b] two timeslots while your opponents will do the same thing, leaving at least two timeslots every round that fits both teams.


Division 2b
Starts Jun 4, 2012, 6:30 PM CEST
Server Steam (Europe)
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