• DRiVER "DRiVER" helsinki ,
    Who are the strongest minds to stand the pressure, to keep hold on trusting their team mates, positioning themselves, was it trees or not. :3 Hype hype o/
  • Nero "NeroVuk" Vuk ,
    Sheever expert for anal ysis
  • Midun "rejie" Kurniadi ,
    a gril with 3kmmr do anal-ysis 17mill prizepool and we only got sheeper
    • no "Calcite-AW" no ,
      2016... you canĀ“t have a panel without females. that would be offensive and triggering all the guerilla feminazis.
  • thuya "wrtb_pkx" kaungkaung ,
    liquid is already on another level
  • thuya "wrtb_pkx" kaungkaung ,
    that's the revenge for og by reso
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