• H "erka_sfs" E ,
    In Puppey we trust
  • DRiVER "DRiVER" helsinki ,
    i like this gosugamer-twitch plug, don't need click off those shjtty spamchats where man cant communicate.
  • Nero "NeroVuk" Vuk ,
    Why arent there more comments here?
  • DRiVER "DRiVER" helsinki ,
    its still quite new feature. // But about the games, i can has feel the TI5 vibe already, in many things teams do ingame :d Awwww this Dendi-YAo was reall goood !! :3
  • DRiVER "DRiVER" helsinki ,
    need TwitchChat vs All-Stars , the TwitchChat persons are qualified against eachothers first, to find the best dudes among them :d maybe puppey could draft for the TwitchChat team ;d would be fun aight ?
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