ddz Dota 2 match history


Kok Yi Liong Malaysia 11
  • GG elo rating 1,005
  • World rank 77
  • Total earnings $13,642
  • Winrate 53%
ddz is considered one of the best solo mid players in the South East Asian scene. Playing for Lowyat Esports in 2013, he and his squad were picked up by Arrow Gaming in early 2014. Shortly after their sponsorship, they competed against top SEA teams such as Titan and Orange in SEA's premier tournaments with good results. On April 29 2014, ddz and his squad were invited to the SEA qualifiers for The International 2014, where they have reached the grand finals, and secured themselves a spot in Seattle. In October, 2014, ddz was discovered to have taken part in matchfixing, and was removed from Arrow Gaming, along with his teammates. ddz made a public apology on facebook shortly after. Due to his skill at many high skill cap heroes, clutch plays, and young age, many people compare him to Team Secret's Arteezy, and as such the catchphrase "2EZ4RTZ" has been altered to "2EZ4ddz" reflecting this. On October 18th of 2014, ddz and Lance (both Arrow Gaming players) are suspected of a match fixing scandal. After thorough investigations, these suspicions are proved to be true and correct. Both players are banned for life in the Synergy League, and the team was also removed from The Summit 2. The players were shortly after dismissed from Arrow.


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