MYM Prime Defending 7 Groupseeds announced

Posted by Philipp "ereskigal" Hartmann at 07 September 2007 12:17

MeetYourMaker's presents the seventh edition of Prime Defending. So for only the groupseedings are announced, but there are some interesting seedings. Have a watch on it by yourself.

MYM PriDe Groupseedings
Group A Group BGroup C Group D
Russia Virtus Pro Denmark MYM.DotA Russia sP[Palit]Kow3 Sweden SK.Gaming
France rB Germany ieS Germany vae Germany dG
United States eJak United States eXp United States eMg United States Sloth
Kazakhstan k23 Ukraine mOve Russia Ts Bulgaria YO
Singapore miZen Malaysia SK Australia TKS Malaysia W4s|
Group E Group FGroup GGroup H
Russia 1337 RoflerZ Malaysia Cybertime RoA Russia Art Gaming Finland Fearsome Feeders
Germany BTB Czech Republic iR Germany World Eaters SwedenTeam Q
Canada Excello United States FF United States MsY United States hi2u
Slovakia SgC Ukraine HT Poland XsK Ukraine chatrix
Malaysia NsP Vietnam StarsVD Malaysia Ks New Zealand MCC

Some group seedings promise a lot of excitement and fun to watch. What's with the new WorldEaters? Will they be as strong as the old one? Will Team Q regain their strength they had once? Will the seeded teams behave as favourites?
Questions that only can be answered by tracking the tournament. So stay tuned.

MeetYourMakers - PriDe 7 Groups