Posted by Dawn "DawnFX" Kim at 20 July 2007 04:37
[s]korea[/s]The famous female Brood War player Seo Ji-Soo (ToSsGirl, also known as the 'Queen of Terran') has been through what most amateur players haven't: pro-gaming. Being the best female gamer is one thing, but being the best of the best is another.
Seo Ji-Soo is the undefeated StarCraft champion in the female leagues, slowly working her way up in the men's league where the skill difference is huge between the two genders. ToSsGirl's true uprising in the scene was when she defeated [NC]...YellOw (Hong Jin-Ho) 2-0 in WCG Korea 2005.

This time, it was different for ToSsGirl. Recently, STX Soul's Seo Ji-Soo (ToSsGirl) crushed everything in her path until the semi-finals where she was eliminated.
-This time in the preliminaries, your control and management has improved
> "Even if my plays and controls improve, it means nothing until I have passed through the preliminaries. In the game at Monty Hall, my vulture passed through into my opponent's base but I felt I was under too much tension and stress; so it got destroyed too easily. But then again, many of my other opponents; I thought they were stressed out too, just because they were facing me. They also made many mistakes."

-Your preparation for the next preliminaries
> "I'm waiting for the challenge league which comes up in about four months. Currently, I'm very serious about qualifying and I am practicing very hard. Instead of having more concern for my appearances, I'm planning on practicing a lot more then usual. This time I got eliminated in the semi-finals, next time I will qualify and tell my fans of my success."

Lastly, she states, "I will practice endlessly, not taking much rest to prepare for the next set of preliminary rounds."

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