GosuGamers v.3.2007.13 - list of updates

Posted by Nat "volmasoft" F at 07 January 2007 17:59

Log of programming updates at the last month.


Added a definition for Gosu to the site. (

Added a new "prison" system has been developed in order to allow the moderation team more control.

Added a new section in a user's profile to show their latest 5 posts from the forums.

Added a new function to handle our user's Birth dates has been added, this can be found in "My Settings" > "My Profile"

Updated the footer of all pages was changed to include the new company details.

Restored 24 user images that were lost due to a random bug.

Fixed a bug where the italics BBCode would not close. "[ /i ]"

Fixed a bug whereby the user images would display full size for safari users, and ruin the design.

Fixed a bug in the search functions so that the whole thread is displayed when you search and not just a comment. Also blank search's that returned an error "invalid id-number - die" was fixed.

Fixed errors regarding old links to that existed. We have now retrieved this domain however.

Fixed a problem where an invalid id would be returned when a user tried to report a post to the moderation team.

Fixed a bug where the recent news on an editors profile would re-direct to an out-dated file.

Fixed the problem where firefox users would only receive a page of code instead of a replay for both starcraft and warcraft replays.

Fixed a security issue related to the editing of comments.

Fixed two minor problems that stopped new users from registering, this was due to the size of our member base growing to large for the current database constraints.

Fixed a bug where your session would be logged out if you were writing a long blog, this bug caused alot of lost text for some users.

Fixed a small bug whereby you could not view replay information if you were not logged in.

Many minor edits have been made to speed the site up by optimizing the code and database.

Have you seen any bug lurking around the site? Do you have an idea to make the site even better? Do not hesitate to contact us using the link below. Enjoy the new updates!

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