China Spotlight: DAC -- BurNing Special Event on the Grand Final day

Dota 2 Shawn “chldota” Chen


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On the Grand Final day of DAC, 'Zhilei BurNing Xu 'will be invited specially to present gifts to the live audience in the Shanghai Oriental Sports Center.

3 types of water bottle

  BurNing Special event will take place on April 7th in Shanghai. Basically, Perfect World is going to provide the audience with 6666 limited and free bottles of water in honor of the 3 glorious and magnificent BurNing career periods. They are as follows: BurNing during EHOME; BurNing during DK; BurNing during iG. (The concept of water might come from the fact that ‘Zhilei BurNing Xu’ absolutely loves drinking water, and it’s a meme in CN dota2 scene as he never stops drinking water during his stream) Besides these, you might find more gifts during the tournament.

Collect 3 types for the BurNing Mug

If you are lucky enough to collect all 3 types of water bottles, then you are able to obtain 3 BurNing special mugs with his autographs and portrait on them for free!!!

EHOME. BurNing


DK. BurNing


iG. BurNing


For those who are deciding whether to go for this year's DAC or not, make a move right now! 


Will Burning ever appear on pro DotA2 scene again?

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Thank you for voting!
Shawn “chldota” Chen
1/4 British Chinese who's a high tier DotA2 pub player (Top 20 NA peak ) and trying to pursue further in the DotA 2 industry.


  • Bian "HighFlyingWings" Deng ,
    I started watching dota in 2009, at that time BurNIng was in team 7L, a glorious yet short-lived team. I would never have imagined that he would go on to have such a long and successful career, especially in China where talented dota players constantly breaking into the scene, and where the community has almost zero tolerance to mistakes and losses. Generations of players had come and gone throughout his career. It's safe to say he is the living history of the first decade of CN dota. After BurNIng missed TI6 (as 5-position for VG), many people are criticizing that BruNIng's presence blocked the path for potential young talent to shine in big teams. He once said on his Weibo (CN equivalent of Twitter), "Without convincing achievement, even breathing could be faulted". Few would have guessed at that time that after returning to iG and 1-position he would go on fire, claiming DAC champion and top-4 at Kiev Major, and becoming the only CN team to defeat Liquid for you-know-how-long (and they did it twice, at Kiev and TI7). Old soldiers never die. They just fade away.


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