SkinCoin WCA 2017 EU/CIS qualifiers announced

Posted by Cristy "Pandoradota2" Ramadani at 14 September 2017 09:30

In partnership with UCC and SkinCoin, WCA 2017 European/CIS Qualifiers are getting ready to commence.

With a prizepool of ¥350,000 (~$52,000) and 2 slots to WCA LAN Finals in China during December on the line, teams from both regions will be battling it out over the course of two weeks.

The event will kick off on September 15th with separate open qualifiers for the two regions. Teams in the CIS region can register HERE, while teams in the EU region should register HERE.

The open qualifiers are single elimination with the top two teams from each region advancing into the closed qualifiers.

SkinCoin WCA 2017 EU/CIS qualifiers:

Phase I

  • Dividided into two regions; CIS and EU
  • WCA 2017 CIS qualifiers September 17-27th
  • WCA 2017 EU qualifiers September 22-27th*
  • 6 invited teams from each region
  • 2 teams from each region open qualifiers
  • Round Robin stage
  • Single Elimination stage
  • 2 groups
  • 3 bo3 format
  • 1st and 2nd place team of each group advances
  • Single Elimination bracket
  • 1 team from each region advances to Phase II

Phase II

  • September 28-October 3rd
  • 2 teams from Phase I (CIS and EU region)
  • 6 Invited teams from CIS and EU region combined
  • Round Robin stage
  • 2 groups of four teams
  • Bo3
  • 1st and 2nd place team in each group advances to Phase III

Phase III

  • October 4-7th
  • 4 teams from Phase II
  • 2 teams directly invited
  • Single Elimination bracket
  • Grand Finals bo5
  • Two teams advance to the WCA 2017 LAN


*per tournament admins, schedule to be adjusted accordingly to accomodate ESL Major EU qualifiers

SkinCoin WCA 2017 CIS/EU qualifiers Invited Teams:

Phase I invited teams:
Teams invited to the closed qualification from Europe:
Poland Let's do it
Germany Penta Sports
Sweden 4 Protect Five
Europe No Diggity
Europe SFT-esports
Europe Tuho

Teams invited to the closed qualification from the CIS:
CIS Gambit
Russia Spartak
Russia Team Effect
CIS Double Dimension

Phase II invited teams:
CIS Vega Squadron
CIS Team Empire
Ukraine Na'Vi
Europe Team Saksa
Europe HellRaisers

Phase II invited teams:

SkinCoin WCA 2017 CIS/EU qualifiers Prizepool distribution:

  • 1st place - ¥ 200,000 (~$30,547) + slot for the LAN final WCA 2017
  • 2nd place - ¥ 100,000 (~$15,274) + slot for the LAN final WCA 2017
  • 3rd place - ¥ 50,000 (~$7,637)



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