Secret and Liquid are your StarLadder i-league Season 3 EU Qualifies

Dota 2 Alexander “ZDS” Di Stefano

Team Secret and Team Liquid overcome strong competition including Cloud9, Navi, Alliance and Ad Finem to qualify from the EU group for StarLadder i-league Season 3.

Although there are two further series to be played, Secret and Liquid now have unassailable leads at the top of the table. As of 12pm GMT Secret sit in second place on 11 points and Liquid are top with 15. They join VG. J and iG Vitality from the Chinese qualifiers, TnC from SEA and Wings, who were directly invited, as the six teams qualified so far.

The last two places remaining to compete for the $300,000 prize pool are yet to be decided, with one being a direct invite and the other is the NA qualifier

Notable games in the EU group stage include Team Secret's second game against Ad Finem, where they came back from a 20k XP and 10k gold deficite to win in 43 minutes, and the first game in the Secret-Liquid series with an Alchemist vs Lone Druid matchup.

The main event starts on the 23rd of this month so get hyped! In the meantime, the NA qualifies are almost over with DC and NP in contention for the top spot


Does the competition in the EU bracket justify their two qualifying spots or has the NA region been short-changed with only one?

EU deserve two spots.
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NA should be sending two teams not one!
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  • Alex "raynor87" Lora ,
    What happend if DC and NP get tied in the first place of their group? His particular match have the same result: tied.
    • Tu "caldelta" Ho ,
      they will setup a tie break match to determine the 1st place for sure. But I dont think NP want this happen just win COL is easier than win another match BO1 with DC :v
      • Alex "raynor87" Lora ,
        I imagined that, I hope that be BO3 match, don't you?
        • Alexander "ZDS" Di Stefano ,
          Would be super dope.
        • Tu "caldelta" Ho ,
          I guess that would be BO1 just like tiebreak on other tournament before.
          • James "Yared" A ,
            https://www.dotabuff.com/heroes/meta?view=played&metric=faction JUST PICK RADIANT FOR THE WIN!
  • Mark louse "morescodes" Lorenzo ,
    I think NP got this. But don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of both teams, I just see NP playing better in their past few matches.
  • Number 1 "clariska" of Number 99 ,
    It kinda makes sense that NA only has 1 qualifier.How many times did 2 NA teams qualify and just fail altho the top 3 NA teams are quite competitive on an international level.EG/DC and NP. PS:Why no EG in qualifier?.Sorry was away for some times so missed mos of the details :P
    • Alex "raynor87" Lora ,
      The final between EG and OG in Dota Pit Season 5 was on January 23, and the qualifiers start on January 24. Too many close dates, I think that was the reason.
      • Number 1 "clariska" of Number 99 ,
        ah ty.Well NP's also a NA team worth watching tbh.Not the biggest EE or Aui fan but they are pretty descend and this EG still needs to prove themselves.They kinda didn't play up to par in pit finals in my opinion. Lets see how DC/NP do.I am rooting for NP.


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