Perfect World announce the Regional Qualifiers for Dota 2 Asia Championship - dates and format

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Dota 2 Asia Championship today announced the dates and the teams for the regional qualifiers.

With only four teams invited and with the China qualifiers decided, DAC announced the official dates for the Regional Qualifiers. Scheduled to start on February 3rd - four regions will have to battle during a 10 day marathon for a single spot/region in the main event.

Source: Wykrhm Reddy.

For America, the situation isn`t easy at all. Big names such as Digital Chaos, Team NP and compLexity will play against each other for the ticket to the main event. The games will be hard and full of hype because all eight teams crave this shot. Also, in this event, two new teams will make their debut, after the “Spring Reshuffle”, WanteD and OnyX will have to prove that their new line-ups are strong enough to face all the challenges.

The Europe Qualifiers are also perilous with almost every team from this region having rebuilt their line-ups, so this competition will be very important to see how their new rosters are functioning.

Probably the most unbalanced region is SEA. With great names like TnC and Fnatic as well as the underdog teams have a chance and just as TnC managed to make their way to the WESG podium, claiming first place, so can the other teams take us by surprise. 

Qualifiers format:

Each region will be divided into two groups of four teams each.

All the games are best of three.

In the first phase, each group will play a GSL format, which means that the top two teams will advance and the other two will be eliminated.

In the second phase, they will play a Double Elimination Bracket.


What do you think about the newly-formed teams that were invited to the regional qualifiers?

Every new team has some big names in it so it`s fair to be invited.
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It is not fair!
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  • "Booncz" ,
    NA - DC got this EU - really open, maybe Liquid slight favorites (but they haven't played many matches so...) SEA - no idea CIS - VP/Vega with Empire having a chance and other teams can surprise, since CIS isn't the most stable reagion
  • Johny "Shaze" Shaze ,
    I am just little sad that there will be just 12 teams at DAC. If they got top 2 from each qualifier we would still have tier 1 Dota and more matches. NA - DC + NP/col EU - pretty much anyone except Escape and Bears SEA - Tnc + Fnatic CIS - VP + Vega
    • Andrew "Mac_" O ,
      I agree, top 2 from each region would be nice, but I disagree with your evaluation of each region's top teams. I think WanteD will be the best team in NA, along with DC, and that Bears will be one of the best teams in EU. Bears are stacked with Yapzor, Fata, Forev, 343, and new pub star Feero. Fnatic is garbage at the moment and I think Execration and TNC will be the class of SEA. The clearest path to a qualification appears in the CIS region, where I think no one will challenge VP.
      • Ewerton "tonworms" Miranda ,
      • Johny "Shaze" Shaze ,
        Yea i didn't follow the shuffles that much, so I simply excluded teams that I didn't know. WanteD is new PPD'S team then? Bears with this lineup look also pretty good. In that case the qualifiers will be even more open and it's double shame only top team advances to LAN.
      • "Booncz" ,
        I have to disagree that CIS is the most obvious. The teams are very unstable there, and even though VP showed great things during the last patch, in dota 7 they haven't been themselves, and if history taught us anything about CIS teams, they can somewhat easily crumble. Plus with coL/NP stagnating for a long time and DC boosting their confidence, winning big LAN and finally getting tier 1 team global status, I think NA region is the most "decided" of them all. (I mean Wanted could surprise, but they shouldn't be able to beat DC should they?)
  • Momo "SamsoN96" Jeremic ,
    DAC is back! I like this format and lets hope perfect world won't f this up
  • jeff "mujeff" mariano ,
    THE INVITED TEAMS WERE FINE, but 6 chinese teams out of 12? thats too much, anyway what to do, its perfect world so, more entries more chances of winning LOL, they are desperate, 4 chinese teams qualifier + 4 direct invite + 1-2 teams eachqualifier to complete 16 teams that will be good
    • "Booncz" ,
      this is Chinese tournament first of all...it was like that 2 years ago...and it's fine
  • Ramon "BuDJiRaS" Moura ,
    You're all forgetting about AD FInem in the EU qualifiers!! And I agree with you all, I think there should be the top 2 teams to go to DAC


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