Mikasa replaces Ghost on VG's main roster

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Having one of their worst seasons so far, Vici Gaming has decided to swap their mid player Ghost for their coach, Mikasa.

When VG is in times of trouble, Tong 'Mikasa' Junjie will come to them. Mikasa - a former VG.R substitute who played at TI6 in place of Yang 'Yang' Zhou Hai - will be renouncing his role as VG's coach and substitute in order to replace mid player Zheng 'Ghost' Jie after two months of poor performances by the team. According to a post by VG on Facebook, Ghost will be taking Mikasa's position as substitute to "relieve the pressure put on him and adjust".

This roster change brings a breath of life into the underperforming VG, which is currently holding an 8% win rate in their 13 official matches played this month. With regards to the decision to replace Ghost, it was said that the team concluded a "lack of rhythm and leadership" as the root cause of their poor performance. In addition to this, a reply to a Facebook comment by VG implied that Mikasa has better chemistry with the team than Ghost.

Statement on VG's Facebook:

Given our recent subpar performance the team had a meeting and after some serious discussion and understanding of the lack of rhythm and leadership, we've made the decision to have Tong 'Mikasa' Junjie return to competitive to finish of the year 2016. Ghost will take on the substitute role and try to relieve the pressure put on him and adjust. We hope our fans will support the decision and welcome the change!

Relative to most of the players on the VG roster, Mikasa is quite old, having played professionally since the early years of Dota2. In the past few years, Mikasa has mostly taken a coaching position, and has made a name for himself as one of China's top coaches. In his tournament games this year, he showed weakness in his laning stage abilities and some skill in his ability to position himself in fights and to control the tempo of the game.
Source: VG's Facebook
Headline and banner image from VG's Facebook


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