ESL India Premiership Challenger 2 is about to start

Posted by Daniela "Danielle." Antofe at 06 November 2016 11:22

It's officially time to start counting, the ESL India Premiership Challenger 2 is just six days away.

The ESL India Premiership is a three-tier tournament with a mix of online and offline tournaments. Indian players have the chance to play from home in six online cups called “Starters”, and at a LAN event named “Challenger”. Upon a team’s victory in the Starters stage, they will be awarded with prize money and an invite to Challenger, where they will compete on a bigger stage, for more prize money, and in front of a larger audience.

The teams that survive the Challenger stage will be invited to play at the “Masters”, the season finale event that will be played out from December 7-11 in Delhi.

Ralf Reichert (Director - ESL) on ESL India Premiership's vision:

ESL’s mission is to increase the popularity of e-sports across the globe. We are excited to help build up the local e-sports community in India. We are very excited to get started with the ESL India Premiership, and I personally can’t wait to experience it live, as I’m sure the crowd will be fantastic. In the meantime, we will ensure that we can deliver a world-class experience – both online and offline – to the local and international fans, and hope this tournament series helps foster growth in the region.

Challenger 2:

Challenger 2 - taking place on November 12th and 13th - is the second of three LAN events scheduled under the ₹4,200,000 ($320) ESL India Premiership 2016 calendar, and is slated to take place in Bangalore’s KTPO Convention. The event will run in conjunction with the Bangalore edition of Comic Con 2016.

The teams battling for their right to participate in the Master stage at Challenger 2 are the top two teams from Starter Cup #4, #5, #6, and the finalists of the open qualifiers. Challenger 2 is the final opportunity for Indian gamers to be a part of the 2016 Grand Finale, the Masters.

Akshat Rathee (founder of NODWIN Gaming) on the LAN event Challenger 2:

The growth of e-sports in India has been phenomenal and we continue to push new boundaries. With our partnership with Comic Con India, we expect the finale of Season 2 to be even better than the Season 1 finale. A testimony to this fact is that we have started receiving an influx of International team applications and we shall have 2 teams from Bangladesh coming over. I personally look forward to meeting the enthusiastic crowd in Bangalore to come and cheer for their e-sport heroes.

Besides Dota2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Clash Royale are also featured games. The tournaments for these titles will be held in a single elimination format, with the winners entitled to almost a 40% share of the prize pool; the top 4 participants from each game will proceed to the Masters. The LAN event will also feature a competition for the popular rhythmic dance game, "Just Dance".

All the games from the event can be watched on ESL India’s Twitch channel.

Source: ESL India Premiership


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