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Another drama cloud is hovering over the Team Secret name as EternaLEnVy reveals in a blog post made earlier today, Team Secret’s shady business, payments delays and the dark side of his former captain, Puppey.

A bit over six months after Secret’s management was firstly called out by Evany Chang for delayed payments to their players, Jacky 'EternaLEnVy' Mao makes a rather long blog post in which he is disclosing the same issues and a bit more.

A Secret Story” by EternaLEnVy talks about the organization still owning him money, unpaid salaries for months, percentages cuts that were never discussed, unfulfilled streaming deals with Panda TV and ends with a hefty part entirely dedicated to a very dark face of Clement 'Puppey' Ivanov.

Backing up his accusations with screenshots from his conversations with both Puppey (owner of Team Secret) and Kemal Sadikoglu (Director of Team Secret), Envy walks us through his entire stay at Team Secret, from the very first days of negotiations, even before joining the team, up to the post TI6 shuffle, when his new team was supposed to be an NA squad of Secret.

What is striking, after going through the entire blog post several times, is that in their conversations actual player contract terms never come up.

Moving on from the sponsorship and money issues, EnVy reserves a large part in his blog to the $1.25M + $250,000 in Donations “PandaTV deal”, where Puppey and Areezy should have had to stream on the Chinese platform a minimum of 30 hours per month and EnVy 60 hours per month. According to his statements the deal went off after Puppey failed to accomplish his part. “Noticed that not only did Puppey not uphold his end of the deal, but he didn’t even try. Streaming not 30 hours a month as promised but 12 hours in 3 months” EnVy says in his blog.

Towards the end of his post, EnVy describes Puppey as an “egotistical and aggressive” person, with real anger management problems, who gave up practice hours and did not show for scheduled scrims during TI6 in favor of drinking nights. He is depicted as bullying his players, with alleged discussions between Puppey and w33 that would often end up with Secret’s captain yelling “do you want to fight?”, “If you guys want to talk about who's right or who's wrong, why don’t we fight.”, or with broken keyboards.

Although his only proof for what he describes about Puppey would be his teammates’ word, EnVy reveals at the end of the post a short video for which he was threatened to be kicked out of Secret if he made it public. “ He [Puppey] told me that if I ever leaked the video he’ll kick me from Secret. Well, I’m not part of Secret anymore. “

According to the same post made by EnVy, Misery will be the next ex-Secret player to bring into the lights the issues he faced with the team.

[update]Rasmus 'MiSeRy' Filipsen posted his version of the story in which he is backing up EnVy on the delayed payments and you can read the entire blog post here.

source: npgame.gg/blog, blog archive


Will Envy’s blog impact Team Secret’s public image?

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  • Pouria "ZippingPear" Sharifi ,
    I normally don't like people who talk shit about their former teammates, and see it as being quite unprofessional. But damn. The evidence EE is putting forward and the shit they had to go through in Secret has changed my mind of Puppey, and I don't think EE was wrong for making this all public. The severity of the issues is such that it deserved to be made public, so others would know what kind of person Puppey is before joining his team. If it was just personal problems/issues, then it shouldn't have been made public, but this is much more than that. I was never a huge fan of Puppey, but I used to like him as a person and a captain. I can't say that anymore, as he has proven he is too lazy to practice, constantly talks shit to others and thinks of himself as some sort of god, expecting others to worship him or some shit. I hope he changes one day and becomes a good person, but until then Puppey is dead in my heart.
    • Pradeep "buzzer_mad" Gupta ,
      "The severity of the issues is such that it deserved to be made public" - most of the puppey fangays are not able to get a simple point wat u mentioned here.
  • marko "cli(n)t" hlavko ,
    well, now that people finally realized that puppey indeed is a cunt, I wonder how long its gonna take to realize that he is overrated dota player/captain
  • Dempster "dempsyroll24" Ty ,
    sad for secret fans
  • James "Yared" A ,
    Late 2012 I checked his stream just once, only to find his toxic form. He had been a good drafter, and it will be his only legacy TI1 aside. Most veteran members of this site knew all of this one long ago. The sports industry will perpetually rely on good role models.
  • Zarif "Montoya" Khairuddin ,
    Trump msged Puppey: "Thank you for hacking Shillary's private email. Our business has concluded and I'm not going to pay a single Ruble just as I have not paid my taxes. Get Jebaited." Puppey: WTF! Let's FIGHT. Eat my Headphones. Kappa
  • anonaman "apatdapat" pakemo ,
    yeah ppy is a cunt. but nice try envy, scientists are still baffled about you. still doesn't change the fact that you fuck up everytime
  • tung "sszj" nguyen ,
    There must be a reason EE said this, and so far no one ever played in Team Secret has denied what he said, while Puppey and that fat Cybormatt still remain silent. There's nothing good about EE but at least he's not the type who create fake dramas. If it's true, I hope Secret just disband afterward. I've been following Puppey and his team (Navi/Secret) from the beginning of TI1, been a fan of his and was happy when they won, sad when they lost. Now it's like all my emotion for Secret was a box of dogshit. Well at least I had a bad feeling when I knew that fat fuck Cybormatt's the manager of Secret.
  • Troll "troll-flamelord" Flame-Lord ,
    i followed dota since old age. when VP dominates the era of dota 1. i followed the scene when puppey still in XSK. many his teammates dont like him, and complain him being a cunt..


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