Cr1t takes the lead of Evil Geniuses, ppd transitions to a managerial position at Twitch

Dota 2 Vintilescu “FoxReed” Doriana

Evil Geniuses, The International 2015 Champions, keep their fans tense up to the last minute. Two days before the roster lock, the boys in blue announce their new roster.

Andreas 'Cr1t' Nielsen and Artour 'Arteezy' Babaev join the three remaining players from the TI6 line-up: Syed 'Suma1l' Hassan, Saahil 'Universe' Arora, and Ludwig 'zai' Wåhlberg. Peter 'ppd' Dager has decided to step down from the competitive scene, as well, and took to a business management position at Twitch. 

After being presented with the decision of either pursuing a long-term career in esports or continuing on as an active pro player, one with an unforeseeable duration, he ultimately decided it best to transition into the business management role offered to him by Twitch. The details of this new position and what it means for the brand will be announced in the weeks ahead  

Evil Geniuses roster:

Canada Artour 'Arteezy' Babaev
Pakistan Syed 'Suma1l' Hassan
United States Saahil 'Universe' Arora
Denmark Andreas 'Cr1t' Nielsen
Sweden Ludwig 'zai' Wåhlberg

After conquering The International 2015 title, Evil Geniuses didn't evolve as they expected to in the next tournament. The team suffered multiple changes in 2016 and achieved third place at The International 2016. With the new roster, the team heads into the Fall Major with a fresh formula.

Arteezy is very appreciated in the professional scene and stands as one of the top mid and carry players in Dota 2. Following TI6 with Team Secret, Arteezy rejoins EG in the carry role.

Unlike RTZ, Cr1t joins EG for the first time in his career and comes to NA after playing with the only team to have won two Valve events, OG. Taking the role of captain, Cr1t will bleed blue and hopes that he will "mold this team into a world power".

source: evilgeniuses.gg


Will Cr1t stand firmly as captain and lead EG to victory this year?

Thank you for voting!
Thank you for voting!


  • lubos "lubacos" kovacik ,
    Very good team that is. All i am afraid , they will miss a player like fear most.
  • Ste "holypepsi" A ,
    a good captain/drafter is extremly rare to find, ppd is arguably the most successful captain together with puppey. EG has been the most consistent team since ppd (post ti3), a major contender for every tournament they participated . Putting a team together is a very difficult task, i dont think cr1t had enough credit to challenge ppd's role. Zai is a capable drafter. Very bad situation for EG, but we should respect what ppd chose to do.
  • Mark louse "morescodes" Lorenzo ,
    rtz again? smh. im no hater but he has to show something new, otherwise he doesn't deserve to be in this line up. cheers PPD and Fear kudos for the years of good game with EG! GO EG!!!!!
  • jared "dhabz" eroy ,
    I have only one question, is this an NA team? Im confused! Can someone confirm this to me?
    • Eddie "edyboyster" Sanchez ,
      EG is an NA team and all their players will be based in the US while they are with EG regardless of their country of origin. You see that with a lot of teams with different nationality. Fnatic is different however because all players are in Malaysia so they are considered as SEA team.
    • Sohail "GT-R" Raisi ,
      as long as they have one NA player and thats why they have UNIVERSE xD :D
  • Sohail "GT-R" Raisi ,
    this Lineup looks Good im just happy to see Zai in EG and he played with RTZ alot but RTZ in carry position , everyone says he is really good Carry but making Basic newbie error is so painful to watch him sometimes even when you are cheering for EG xD and on top you put RTZ with Sumail :D it will be fun to watch and btw FUCK YOU ALL MIRACLE CACK Suckers :)
  • Andrew "Mac_" O ,
    When the news first broke, I think I heard a huge sigh of relief from China with PPD stepping down. Who, if anyone, is gonna be the "Chinese Killer" from western Dota?


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