Fear retires from competitive Dota 2

Dota 2 Paul “Pwwiss” Wissmiller

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Clinton 'Fear' Loomis has announced his retirement from competitive play to becomes the new Evil Geniuses coach.

The announcement was confirmed on the Evil Geniuses Twitter feed and website. Fear stated his retirement was due in equal parts to long-term medical issues with his elbow and to having met all of the goals he wanted to accomplish as a professional player. 

Today, I'm announcing my retirement from competitive Dota. I have been living my dream of being a professional gamer for over a decade now, and in that time I've accomplished each of the goals I placed for myself and for EG Dota. Now, I have to pursue a new goal - getting healthy. I still have a passion for Dota and for competing, but the long term health of my arm has to come first. Thank you all for your support. - Clinton 'Fear' Loomis

Known for his immense hero pool, team spirit, and willingness to play any position, Fear has been one of the most consistent players in all of professional eSports. His achievements with EG in Dota 2 are numerous, including 1st place finishes at the Summit 4 and The International 5, as well as top 3 finishes at the Frankfurt Major, Shanghai Major, and The International 6. 

source: evilgeniuses.gg


Will Fear be able to coach EG to success in the upcoming season?

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  • kirk "kj22sep" galan ,
    Big Respect to this guy!! Goodluck on future career.
    • samuel "sammimawon" hutahaean ,
      Agree with you. My greatest respect to him. Been a big fan of him since i watched the Free to Play documenter
  • arvell "revy.stryker" skynative ,
    Good luck for your future journey, Fear. :) Pls consider coming to Panel to be an analyst in tourneys!
  • Andrew "Mac_" O ,
    Greatest "western" Dota player to date.
  • Budiman "heartnetz123" Susanto ,
    EG.Maelk return?
  • Number 1 "clariska" of Number 99 ,
    Respect.Most prob the most versatile payer in the history of dota combined with the most dedication(When USA dota was so bad he stood out above the rest).Best of uck in the future.But who am i gonna root for.Depends on EG'sl line up :D
  • James "Yared" A ,
    Respect! Fear played professionally on all roles; what a legacy extraordinaire! Upon his retirement, Fatal1ty once said that mind and body goals never end. Stay sharp, health is wealth.
  • Ивайло "wolf4o" Радков ,
  • lubos "lubacos" kovacik ,
    The only player able to play any role at very high lvl. Respect to you fear. and good luck anywhere you go. Also i hope you will be streaming more now :)


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