Roster shuffle: Vega picks up Fng, replaces Solo and Noone-

Dota 2 Ben “PineappleCake” Tan

For the 2016 fall season, Vega has dropped Solo and Noone- from their roster, to be replaced by Fng and one other to be decided player.

Just a few days prior to The International 6, Vega Squadron revealed the plans for their roster for the fall 2016 roster lock. They will be replacing support player Alexey 'SoloLineAbuse' Berezin, and mid player, Vladimir 'Noone-' Minenko, with support player and former captain of Virtus.Pro, Artsiom 'Fng' Barshak and a to be decided player.

Vega Squadron's fall 2016 roster:
Ukraine Rostislav 'Fn' Lozovoi
Ukraine Andrey 'MAg-' Chipenko
Belarus Artsiom 'Fng' Barshak
Ukraine Syoma 'CeMaTheSlayeR' Krivulya
International TBD

With the release of Noone- and Solo, Vega has broken up the four players which were a part of the roster during its peak performance days after TI5. However, as a result of releasing the two players, Vega was able to bring in Fng's drafting and captaining skills to complement CeMa's abilities. A the time of writing, GosuGamers has yet to receive a reply after reached out to Vega for confirmation of the official team captain. The announcement of the fifth player of the Vega roster is expected in the coming weeks as the reshuffles gather pace.

Regarding the futures of Noone- and Solo, their free agent status were short lived as they have been picked up by Virtus.Pro, another CIS team who failed to qualify for TI6 and have been rebuilding a roster ever since. Solo will be filling Fng's previous role as captain of the official VP roster.


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  • John "PostTIshuffle" Zee ,
    1rsndt! Been waiting for this. Also forev out of mvp Resolution to navi (unconfirmed)
    • no "Calcite-AW" no ,
      lulz, i doubt the last thing u wrote. why would a second place team in the ti change their roster? that doesn´t make any sense at all sir.
      • ve "vehaunter" haunter ,
        i think you never read reddit, do you?
        • E "drinkwater" mil ,
          they maybe trolling lol, but it seems good
        • no "Calcite-AW" no ,
          nope i dont think reddit is a reliable source, but i do read it sometimes tho.
      • E "drinkwater" mil ,
        i think u never heard of some team change rooster after winning ti5 and after winning shanghai major.
    • Manoj "fluidair11" Jayaram ,
      I doubt the last one will happen. If so can you provide the source(link)?
      • aqualyth "butthurt" aerolyth ,
        it might be a troll. but you can see it here on GeNeraL twitter https://twitter.com/generalqw/status/765462701074182144
  • Aoi "alkermes" Kasuga ,
    Fn&Fng ice&iceice&iceiceice Always make me Wutface
    • Gio "whtielabel" Vani ,
      If they take G as mid-laner. They will have Fn, G and Fng (three different players)


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