Wings Gaming flies past DC in upper bracket showdown

Dota 2 Paul “Pwwiss” Wissmiller

Wings moves on in the upper bracket of TI6 after defeating DC 2-1 today. 

Game One:

Wings elected for a first pick Mirana in the draft, which DC immediately countered with an Oracle pick. Wings then showed their hand and picked Drow Ranger second, while DC decided to throw their cards on an alchemist pick, combined with an obvious ban on the Ancient Apparition.

DC appeared to have won the draft, and drew first blood on the Rubik in the first minute of the game, as well as a follow-up kill on Shadow’s Drow Ranger as their aggressive offlane play immediately paid dividends. The safelane went from bad to worse, as DC made moves early, with rotations by Resolut1on’s Natures prophet even TP’ing in to help find yet another kill.  Innocence, famous for his stellar support ganking and rotations found it very difficult to influence the early game, or even keep the Wings cores alive on his under-farmed Rubik.

DC continued to pull ahead in the game, as Axe took the bottom tower while w33 finished up an 8 minute armlet on his mid Alchemist.  Wings showed some life however, after a full team rotation to the DC safelane killed off the 2 DC supports and took the tier one tower with the help of a debut Brewmaster Primal Split.  While this was happening, the Alchemist kept on farming, and W33 was able to finish a 13 minute radiance, and immediately put it to good use, helping his team kill the Brewmaster off.  The fight turned on DC however, when the Wings Mirana leaped in debuting her new Aghanims scepter, as three DC heroes went down.

The push strat of Wings suddenly came online, as Wings grabbed an Aegis for the Drow, and quickly got a couple of DC’s tier two towers afterwards. DC continued to do their best to stall out and farm their Alchemist and Natures Prophet. As the Aegis expired while Wings pushed down DC’s midlane, they were punished as Moo’s Axe initiated and beat down three Wings heroes, including both of their core heroes, gaining some momentum back for DC.  DC looked in the drivers seat of the match finally, but Wings, suddenly took another fight as DC pushed Wing’s offlane, killing of w33 and the DC supports, and then turning the kill into a push down mid, taking DC’s barracks and forcing out buybacks from the NA squad.

Wings continued to assert their dominance, and punished DC for allowing them to pick Drow, as after another Aegis they pushed the top racks of DC and continued onto the tier 4’s, forcing DC to call GG.

Game Two:

Wings opted for a first pick Mirana again to open the game two draft, while DC took both of their supports in Shadow Demon and Kunkka with their first two picks.  Wings again lived up to their reputation as crazy drafters, picking an extremely rare Pudge and Techies to round out their draft.

Wings quickly gave up first blood again, as the Skywrath mage fell before the game even started. DC also took another kill early on, trapping the Pudge under tower. The Techies, played by Faith Bian, oddly enough started in the Wings safelane, as they decided to run an agro Tri-lane bottom for their carry Naga Siren. DC continued to pull ahead, doing a great job ganking around the map and pulling ahead 5-0 in the first five minutes of the match. The Techies failed to have any impact early in the game, as Wings couldn’t find any openings with their Pudge/Techies rotations, and DC began to pull ahead in farm as they took down several tier one towers on the Wings side of the map. 

Nearing midgame, the Pudge of Wings was finally able to land a few Hooks, but DC was so far ahead it didn’t’ make a lot of difference.  DC pressured Wings with Moo leading the charge on his heavily farmed Timbersaw, and at 25 minutes easily took Roshan and won the first barracks of the game in Wing’s middle lane. They quickly killed off Wings supports, and crushed the remaining barracks in Wing’s base, getting mega creeps and forcing out the GG call shortly after.

Game Three:

Wings finally opted for a more traditional draft in game three, and both teams received some comfort heroes, with Wings grabbing their signature Rubik, and Timbersaw as well, and DC taking w33's signature Invoker again as well as a Morphling for Resolut1on. Wing’s couldn’t resist taking a last pick Centaur Warrunner though to add their own flair into the draft.

Wings was able to find first blood, with a Chen rotation catching out the Oracle, and looked better early game than they had in the previous two game. The game remained fairly even through the laning stage, with both teams finding a few kills, and both safelane carry heroes getting harassed in lane pretty well.

The game moved from laning into an active teamfight stage, with the Chen on the side of Wings putting in some serious work, helping to pressure towers, and helping his team with several crucial ganks, allowing Wings to begin to pull ahead.

Teamfight after teamfight took place, with Wings winning almost every one, as the Chen pick took control of the game, and Wings rotations helped their cores pull ahead those of DC. DC tried to hold off the Wings push, but all their outer towers were removed by the 20 minute mark. Shortly after, Wings broke high ground and DC was forced to call GG.     

Wings now moves on in the upper bracket, while DC will continue thier TI6 run in the lower.

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Wings surprised everyone with a Techies pick. Will we see every hero available picked before the end of TI?

Thank you for voting!
Thank you for voting!
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  • liquid "wanzmor" guy ,
    that game 3 wings just crushed DC. The chen was amazing, that first blood that happen was really smart by Iceice, he saw Oracle pulling and send centaur (creeps) under the very nose of the Oracle to the right side of the jungle to rotate from behind. That set up for a follow up stun from the Centaur (hero). Misery played out of his mind to keep DC on the game, but against centaur timber and slark that constantly jumping on top of DC heroes, they couldn't really do much really. The rubick was also great with his spellsteal, stealing the likes of smokescreen and lasso. When I saw that game 2 I thought Wings might have just thrown their upper bracket run but Wings came back even stronger on game 3.


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