Starladder i-League #2 SEA qualifiers: The Koreans are eliminated

Dota 2 Ben “PineappleCake” Tan

Facing off against Fnatic for a spot in the Starladder i-League #2 SEA qualifiers grand finals, MVP.P were defeated and eliminated 0-2.

Fnatic will be moving on to face Mineski in the best-of-three grand finals which will decide the SEA representative at the Starladder i-League LAN event in North America later in the year. The SEA representative will be facing off against seven other international teams for a portion of the $300,000 base prize pool.

Game one

It was a 10k gold hill to climb, and Fnatic managed to do it. Starting off with a poor laning stage, Fnatic allowed MVP.P to secure farm on all three lanes and shut down their Spectre. When things were looking bad, Fnatic was given a chance after MVP.P decided to set a slower tempo in the mid-game despite their strong start. This slowdown allowed for Fnatic to farm and through a combination of good predictions and Scans, they were able to avoid nearly all of MVP.P's smoke ganks. When MVP.P's Alchemist became an issue, Fnatic was once again barely able to hold, managing to trade team wipes with MVP.P. When the late-game came around, Fnatic's Spectre achieved a Rampage, and riding the momentum, they ended the game.

Game two

Game two boiled down to a dance between carries. The early game went equally well for both teams and the mid-game featured a series of traded kills. As Fnatic's Ember Spirit farmed his Boots of Travel, the dance between both teams began. Both Fnatic's Ember Spirit and MVP.P's Nature's Prophet poked and prodded the enemy's heroes, looking for pick-offs. After a few tense Rosh attempts and smoke ganks, Fnatic was able to ambush and wipe MVP.P after thier Ember Spirit forced MVP.P to rotate while their Spectre's Haunt was on cool-down. This team wipe led to two sets of Barracks and a GG call.

Headline and banner picture from Fnatic's Facebook page


How are Fnatic performing with 343 instead of Net?

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  • justin "justiins" CC ,
    I m not fan of Mineski but I think Fnatic deserves to loose this one. Dont like these guys and how they kicked Net without explanation.
    • drake "superr" junior ,
      Net was not kicked. he decided to leave. does this explains it?
      • Joel "jwyc" Wong ,
        he decided to leave because Fnatic put him as a bench player which means Fnatic wanted him to leave indirectly. Got it?
        • drake "superr" junior ,
          dude he played superb as the carry..why would they want him to leave? but a substitute is a substitute. thats all.. he should hope mushi gets sick
          • Joel "jwyc" Wong ,
            he is indeed a good player. However, mushi wants to come back to Fnatic, so they discussed among themselves (without net) and decided to make Net as "subs", which is so unfair for him. Read the whole story at Net's personal page at fb/supporternet
            • kosaki "amna" cute ,
              they won, i think this new fnatic is better, even sometime they misplace. i think net being 'kicked'is small matter, if compared to w33 and misery being kicked after won major.
              • Nathan Brenn Jr. "nathanjr12" Plazos ,
                Not even close, the way Fnatic performed in EPICENTER was really trashy and guess who's the egoistic guy who drafted for them, it's not 343
                • peter "3four" pet ,
                  343 did the draft at Epicenter.
                  • Nathan Brenn Jr. "nathanjr12" Plazos ,
                    Hmm as a drafter, yes but as his "role". I'm pretty sure his drafts were of deep influence by Mushi's pride, there's no way 343 drafts like that. I've carefully observed their drafts since ESL One and there were a huge difference.
    • Rexonial "Dancingwar" Bebb ,
      I think they already think about placing Net as subs when they saw how good 343 performed. That's why it is hard for them to invite him to the discussion. There were also post from the higher ups that said they did not invite Net because the situation is the same as when your bosses won't invite you to a meeting to fire you. Fnatic decision to not invite Net to that decision was selfish but they do want the best for the team.


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