Aui_2000 and Bulba back to Evil Geniuses

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With only two days left before the Spring Shuffle ends Evil Geniuses welcomes back to their roster Aui_2000 along with Bulba, formerly members of Digital Chaos.

A few days ago Shannon 'SUNSfan' Scotten, Digital Chaos owner and manager has tweeted “dead team”, at that time it was only Theeban '1437' Siva officially announced as a full time coach for Team Secret.

In the last two days a lot of rumors have circulated regarding Evil Geniuses roster. Today, March 25th the North American organization has put an end to all speculations by announcing their full lineup for the upcoming Major and The International 6.

Evil Geniuses roster from position 1 to 5:

Canada Kurtis 'Aui_2000' Ling
Pakistan Syed Sumail 'SumaiL' Hassan
United States Kanishka Sam 'BuLba' Sosale
United States Clinton 'Fear' Loomis
United States Peter 'ppd' Dager

Yes, you got it right, Aui_2000 will be the carry player for EG and to clarify his relationship with both Digital Chaos and Evil Geniuses and more precisely with ppd, he made a two minutes video where he explains his position.

With the official announcement, the team captain ppd gave a statement regarding his feelings on the two departed members and also talked about Aui_2000’s unexpected comeback to EG, considering the way he was replaced a day after winning the Aegis of the Immortals at Key Arena in 2015.

First off, I'd like to thank Universe for the past two years. We started from nothing and grew into the champions we are today. For that, I am eternally grateful. Second, I'd like to apologize to the players and management who were negatively affected by this sudden change [...] On a lighter note, I'd like to welcome both Aui_2000 and BuLba to Evil Geniuses. I know this is a bit shocking for most of you, but there never really was much bad blood between Aui and myself after The International 5. I am confident that with this roster we have a real shot at winning upcoming tournaments and TI6. Thank you for your continued support; it does not go unnoticed.

The full statement can be read on Evil Geniuses's official website.

Source: evilgeniuses.gg


Will Aui_2000 win the second TI title with Evil Geniuses?

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Thank you for voting!
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  • lubos "lubacos" kovacik ,
    I rly hope fear is the fucking carry here. That would be the best for the team anywya...
    • Zarif "Montoya" Khairuddin ,
      With Aui in the team now, EG finally has a good Chen player. The mind games during drafting to swap Aui to playing 4 and Fear playing 1 can keep the opponents guessing. I think this will be EG's trump card.
      • Frederik "archyo" A ,
        Aui isn't really a good Chen player, not saying hes bad but his main strength is his exceptional efficiency in the jungle not his micro/rotations. When Aui plays Chen he just afks in the jungle for 7-8 mins and comes out with arcanes/mek and helps the team push towers, compared to Puppey or Akke Chen who often will make a lot more early rotations focusing on winning their lanes. Puppey and Akkes game sense as Chen is on a whole different level.
  • bonyet "bonyet_terbang" terbang ,
    u gotta be freaking kiddin me...:S
  • yao "wahahahaha" yao ,
    EG will be better cause no ROTZ
  • I'm "Aphim" Prince ,
    Dunno man but this EG line up seems legit thought. I think Bulba is the only weak link here, he has a good understanding of dota 2, but his in game decision is often, suck. As an offlaner, he's not a good space creator, neither a good initiator. He's often feed enemys carry, too much. But still, I believe in ppd decision. Let's see what Bulba will be under ppd's command.
  • red "redsiskin" cardinal ,
    LMFAO, what a joke.....
  • Ass "InYourAss" Hole ,
    Who has the rights to decide the changes of the roaster? Owner/manager/coach or captain of the team?
  • Rayne "HumanLogic88" Mann ,
    Nice abandoning DC after failing to qualify major tournaments.
  • Yaxzky "yXzKy" Ledres ,
    Juat play support 4 Aui_2k ggwp is called..


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