Shanghai Major: you would have thought it is over…

Dota 2 Andreea “divushka” Esanu

After a well deserved night of celebrations and a good sleep, the teams in Shanghai have woken up to yet another messy situation. The practice rooms were evacuated without prior notice - gaming gear, laptops and even car keys are missing.

This is what all the teams have woken up to this morning. These are the practice rooms. What remains is hopefully all our gear, we had laptops in this room and a ton of other personal stuff. No heads up about this was given to the teams. – Team Secret post on their facebook page.

According to the OG Manager, Evany 'MissHoneybadger' Chang, Perfect World is willing to pay the costs for the missing gaming gear and personal objects.

All the pictures are from Team Secret's facebook page


Will China get to host another Major ever again?

Yes, if Valve gets more involved
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China. We’ve had issues with China at previous events…
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Andreea “divushka” Esanu
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  • Hassan "Imnotgonnawin" Jamal ,
    Hangover i guess :D
  • Cuong "SoliTz" Ta ,
    I guess the Chinese are digging too deep to find the secret Kappa
  • liquid "wanzmor" guy ,
    Shanghai has been one hell of a ride I should say.. Action packed to final day +1!!
  • Shahin "RoroZoro" Dehgani ,
    Way to go, you mongoloids! A major held in Aleppo would outshine this event.
    • no "Calcite-AW" no ,
      Yup i think Gaben would fire ISIS then so sound good
  • Joseph "mirsyf" S ,
    Next time hold the Major in Hong Kong or Taipei, Shanghai sucks
    • Choco "chococake" Cake ,
      Don't blame Shanghai for this. This is Perfect World. The same shit is gonna anywhere as long as they are in charge. A whole lot people better be fired for this.
      • Damien "brainiest" Zhou ,
        I have to say this one is not just on PW, it's also the Chinese way. Even if these gears were packed up (rofl), thrown away or stolen by the hotel, I don't think it's normal to do this without informing whoever rent the rooms. Even Chinese hotels don't usually do this, so 'this actually happened after such a fail event' is much more fucked up. The whole thing is so fucked up and abnormal. I feel sorry for foreigners who had to go through this, and for us Chinese who had to feel the pain as twice. And right now a REALLY HUGE WAR is happening between sylar and lgd.ruru in tieba (Chinese reddit) and weibo, so nobody cares about this news, which makes me feel even worse.
        • Choco "chococake" Cake ,
          It wasn't anybody's personal room though. It was the practice rooms, so only PW would have been contacted and they probably were. Those dumbasses probably just told the cleanup guys (which may not even be done by the hotel) to throw everything away. Seriously though, I'm really thinking PW threw this Major on purpose so they don't have to host it again. Hosting a Major is expensive and they may not be making enough (if any) money off Dota since I've told that the Chinese dota community is actually quite small. Really have to understand the Valve/Perfect world deal to know the money numbers.
      • Damien "brainiest" Zhou ,
        shit, and more shits happening together with chance kappa


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