6.86e: Changes to Lone Druid and Earth Spirit

Dota 2 Ben “PineappleCake” Tan

Bundled with a patch applied on the 5th of February, 6.86e has gone live and features two hero changes.

The two changes made in the patch was a cooldown increase on Lone Druid's Savage Roar - the skill that replaced synergy in the 6.86 patch - and a range decrease on Earth Spirit's Aghanim's special ability. Lone Druid now has a cooldown of 38/32/26/20, up from 6.86d's 28/24/20/16, and Earth Spirit now has a 125 cast range on his Enchant Remnant skill, down from the previous 600.

LD and ES's 6.86 statistics:

As of the 6.86 patch, Lone Druid and Earth Spirit have been picked 130 and 163 time respectively, making them the 21st and 12th most picked heroes this patch in professional games; Lone Druid holds a win rate of 57.7% whilst Earth Spirit has an astounding 60.1% win rate. Aside from Earth Spirit's high win rate, a possible secondary reason for his Enchant Remnant skill being nerfed is its potential to easily force enemies completely out of position. An extreme example can be seen in the clip below, where Team Liquid was able to force Gyro away from their tier three tower and into their fountain.

Reaction by professional players:

The changes to the two heroes did not seem to sit well with EG's carry Artour 'Arteezy' Babaev and OG's support Tal 'Fly' Aizik, both expressing that the changes were not to their tastes on Twitter.

Path of the Blossom

A new chain quest path has been added to celebrate the New Bloom Festival related to the Chinese New Year. Path of the Blossom will be available from February 5th to February 15th and grants a new Ember Spirit set at the end of the chain. Each quest completed gives a Crimson Parcel, a random bonus reward for New Bloom.  

Source: Dota2.com, Datdota
Headline image adapted from greathdgallery, dotamax.com, Dota2.ru, Icefrog Twitter


Do you think the changes will make both heroes less popular?

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Thank you for voting!
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  • C "syn999" P ,
  • Manolito, Jr. "131R4D45" Nacua ,
    Admiralbulldog will still use the lone druid....
  • Number 1 "clariska" of Number 99 ,
    Earth spirit will be use less but not Bear.They call that a nerf?
    • mangfranks "mangfranks" alingtaling ,
      useless? how many mmr u got.. 450? so ur main reason of picking earth spirit is its aghanims upgrade LMAO.. no wonder people flame you here in ggnet..
      • ahmad "miracle4me" syarif ,
        i guess there diferent between useless and use less or used less, just my opinion though.
        • Mike "blackicon" Dekim ,
          And here we see a prime example of Pinoy in his natural habitat.
          • mangfranks "mangfranks" alingtaling ,
            and heres a prime example of a racists bloody brit who thinks his race is the best of them all. you do realise he maid a mistake eh?
      • Mark "MGNRomulus" Taylor ,
        maybe you should re-read what the guy said.
    • Pleum "SoulofDarkness" Pleum ,
      most people only use 1 skill point in savage roar until lv 12 . so 10 more sec CD is a huge nerf to the skill .
      • ta "fantusi" duy ,
        10s bonus is not really a nerf to LD, it perhaps at best nerf the potential to gank him estimate about 4-5%, it is already so long at lv 1, 10s is not much a different since the early game, getting gank is not constant as it is used in teamfight. It is like nerf enigma's ulti from 200 to 220.


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