Frankfurt Major: OG eliminates EG and proceeds to the grand finals

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OG proceeds to the grand finals of the Frankfurt Majors after taking down heavy favorites EG with a 2-1 score.

Game one

EG had a strong showing in game one, destroying OG in less than 30 minutes. EG started off the game strong, finding multiple kills and pick-offs in the early game, EG's TA was 3-0 before the ten minute mark and at the 13 minute mark, the kill score was 9-1. Utilising the giant lead, EG's TA and Doom quickly snowballed out of control, crushing OG when EG attempted highground; TA and Doom ended the game with above 600 GPM.


Game two

The game was extremely even in the early game, with EG and OG both securing kills. However, as the early game appoached its peak, OG traded well in a teamfight, breaking the stalemate. After that, EG's Tinker kept getting caught out, dying multiple times and preventing EG from gaining any traction. In desperation, EG went for Rosh, only to lose three on their side, and allowing OG to cement their lead. With OG's large lead, they managed to starve EG with insane plays by Moonmeander's Earthshaker - constantly finding kills on the enemy and getting great ults off. Nearly achieving a 30,000 gold lead, OG finally decided to finish the game and forces out EG's GG.


Game three

Game three started off very slowly, with a total of one kill at the 10 minute mark. This allowed EG's Magnus to get an early blink and OG's Alchemist to farm. The mid game approached and both teams were even, with OG pushing and EG's heroes split pushing, as the game progressed, even team fight trades occurred. Just as EG were about to hit critical mass, OG were able to find a few good teamfights and swing the game's momentum in their favor, taking the game of this advantage. OG proceed to the grand finals to face off against Team Secret.


Will OG win the Frankfurt Majors?

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