Loda to participate in Swedish Poker Championship

Dota 2 Viktor “vviki” Ahilov

photo credits: Helena Kristiansson

Jonathan 'Loda' Berg and his iconic hat will try their luck at the Swedish Poker Championship.

Professional Poker players are known for their signature fashion styles and that is where Loda will fit right in, as we can’t imagine him without his hat with the Monster logo on it. He is one pair of shades off from being mistaken for one. Personally I would suggest 80’s biker shades to complete his image, should he find fame and fortune outside the world of Dota 2.

Despite popular believes Poker is not only luck based, but it requires a lot of skill, strategy and reading of your opponents, all of which Loda poses as the carry player for Team Alliance. Nerves of steel and patience are valued the most in Poker since making the least amount of mistakes is required to painstakingly climb to the top as the stakes go higher.

This isn’t unlike when a Dota game goes beyond forty-five minute mark, when one single lapse of judgment can cost you the whole game, just ask NiP.Dota2. All this considered Loda can put his Dota 2 skills to work, as he is known for near perfect executions and taking best decisions when it comes to balancing risk versus reward.

We all know Poker pays a lot more than Dota so maybe retired professional players can seek a career in it if Jonathan 'Loda' Berg shows that it can be done. All chips on him, double zeroes, green.

source: svenskaspelspoker.se


Will Loda leave Dota if he wins a lot of money in Poker?

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Viktor “vviki” Ahilov
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  • Angelo Roan "nevermiss02" Sakdalan ,
    Dota 2 is much fun to be a hobby than playing poker. Yes, you can win a lot with poker, but the risk is that, you can also lose a lot. There's no point for Loda to leave his passion.
  • yao "wahahahaha" yao ,
    as I said one year ago, L[old]a is too old to play dota2, he is not fear, he is not burning ,he picked up a TI champion easily thanks to S4 and bulldog
    • "DELETED-USER-1555882018" ,
      measure ur words carefully when u talk about one of the best dota 1 and 2 players of all time u 3k mmr troll
    • awer "thbestoflokke" awed ,
      u retard
    • fa keng "fakeng" vang ,
      Loda beat Maelk, Merlini & Fear in their prime in MYM dota 1 days, In fact I think he sent them early retirement. This was before noob Burning even know how to play dota. Sure he hasn't been in shape since TI3. Just think Puppey, EE, Misery they all once played as his underlings. He's Michael Jordan of Dota, , the rest are just Lebron James babyrage RTZ clones.
    • ryan "5121" sarco ,
      referred to as L-God by the Chinese dota community MYM Prime Defending #3 champion 2006 MYM Prime Defending #5 champion MYM Prime Defending #9 champion MYM Prime Defending #10 champion ESL Major Series 2008 with his team SK in october of 2008 ranked first among all the DotA teams in the world and many more :) ow btw here is a qoute Loda has a great energy in game and has a magic ability to lead his allies into certain death but still come out on top. He has a flair for entertaining people and is a great guy online as well as offline. A quote I think describes him well, and that I think he would agree with, would be "This is Loda's world, we are just lucky to live in it!". — MYM|Maelk, Behind the mask of Loda
  • Anders "n3gronoodle" tANG ,
    'he is known for near perfect executions and taking best decisions when it comes to balancing risk versus reward' - lmao is he really?
  • Lim "Raina" Raina ,
    For Poker you have backing of the casino managements. You have more resources and definitely weekly basis cash, tournament appearance fee. Normally casino support these players, will pay for their losses to attract other cash flows into casino. Just imagine, the crowd increase because of a popular personel.
  • John "zakuskin" Doe ,
    I wanna see this, will there be a stream ?
  • Joven "jovenr" Ramos ,
    Ive never seen a gamer retiring from gaming . . I just dont see it from happening .


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