Malaysian government endorses e-sports gaming festival

Dota 2 Gaurav “gsatuk21” Sathish

The world of e-sports has grown rapidly in the past years, and things don’t seem to be slowing down as the Ministry of Communication and Media in Malaysia backs a national gaming festival to promote e-sports.

Malaysia is the first nation to host a gaming festival, the Malaysia Cyber Games, which is an event for the youth of the nation to gather and battle it out against fellow gamers. The primary aim of the festival is to help and develop the gaming talent, and the winners will be financially supported by the government to continue their gaming careers and represent the country under the Team Taring banner, and participating in all Dota 2 competitions.

E-sports has really kicked off recently, and more nations are gaining recognition of how big it has become. Not too long ago we saw how Sweden recognised this, and let certain high schools add e-sports as a subject for students, where they were able to practice and learn games such as Dota and Counter-Strike. As the days and months go by we can see how the world is changing its opinion on playing computer games, as more people are respecting e-sports rather than frowning upon it.

The Malaysian Cyber Games festival is a prime example of how seriously countries are respecting the world of e-sports, and it shows the magnitude of growth that has happened. The event for Dota will have two online qualifiers before the main even on the 12th– 13th December 2015 taking place in the Malawati Stadium in Shah Alam. The first of the two will be for players of the Sabah & Sarawak regions and will be held on the 14th-15th November, and the other will be for the Peninsular Malaysia region which will be held on 28th-29th of November. Both will feature group stages and double elimination playoffs. More information can be found here.

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  • Sir "melvinwaaa" Friendzone ,
    "..certain high schools add e-sports as a subject for students, where they were able to practice and learn games such as Dota and Counter-Strike. " Yet reading and writing can't be taught to the less privileged, slums of Malaysia. Good step for e-sports nonetheless. LOL I feel like I'm contradicting myself. BTW, 1nd!
    • Abdullah "City.Hunter" Sanusi ,
      It's more like after school curiculum rather than a subject, like e-sport club or something and sadly education is still can't be afford by less priilveged. Money make the world go around. On topic, for this event to come it's not just a tournament. The winner of this tournament will be sponsored by our ministry of sport and the team will be called as Taring means Fangs
      • Gaurav "gsatuk21" Sathish ,
        No no, it is 3 hours of e-sports classes. You can check the link provided to read more about it :p
      • Victor "everlast" Martyn ,
        If you mean the Swedish high-schools that added, my understanding was that its 3 hours of scheduled - however, it wasnt for all their programs at the high-school but a few. Specifically, if I recall correctly, it was a school that had a lot of physical activity programs and as an option for the non-physical (more theoretical) they added eSports.
  • Arya "saInT_oF_dEaTh" Kumar ,
    Good thing that the world is slowly accepting out community BUT do not let it get out of hand. Gaming Career is not considered anything after a certain age. But Good Luck on this project. And use some money to improve education.
  • majid "bonGer" tajeddini ,
    i love dota and i love computer games but this is not a healthy thing to take it too much serious! i mean i don't want my child in the future to play 24/7 and get fat and lazy !still think they should give facilities to young ones to experience the real sports that makes u stronger and healthier. cheers :p
  • Hashem "Halborno" Alborno ,
    Its nice to see e-sports is growing more and more around the world,finally people realizing its not just about playing but there is more into it than just wasting time on the computer as many people think
  • fa keng "fakeng" vang ,
    Endorse as in pay the poor players? Or will they 322 again for items cuz "We too poor?"


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