BeyondTheSummit to lift the ban on Team Redemption

Dota 2 Robert “Midnight_97” De Guzman

BeyondTheSummit has decided that it is time to give a chance to Team Redemption and to end the ban, which was caused by multiple instances of match fixing, that prevented them from participating in any of the BTS hosted events.​

The team was previously caught in a scandal of match fixing that resulted into multiple bans from many organizers. They were then banned from any Valve hosted events in the future as "Valve does not forgive, does not forget" and they do not take this mistakes for granted. Although they were formally in a new team called "Team Redemption", the ban was not for the Arrow Gaming roster but upon each player themselves.

But the time has come for them to finally redeem themselves from the mistake they have caused before as BTS has decided to lift the ban that prevents them from participating in any of their hosted events and tournaments. The news came from Team Redemption's facebook post which includes their gratitude for lifting the ban. It is indeed that BTS has forgiven them and had forgotten the scandal but this seems not the case for Valve as there are still no news about what the future holds for the team in accordance to The International and the Majors.

It is still up for the team whether they will do something to clear up their name and to show the world that they are redeemed and changed or not. 

headlne image from ongamers
Team Redemption


Should Valve lift their ban upon Team Redemption?

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Thank you for voting!
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  • majid "bonGer" tajeddini ,
    Well i think it's about the time to forgive them they atleast showed some good doto before their match fixings :)
  • Cristopher "Ninja_Tuna" Cañete ,
    2st! Well, everybody deserves a 2st chance!
  • John Ryoji Daisuke "dostsei" Izumi ,
    They should have been invited to The Summit 5 SEA qualifiers soon. :D
  • Toco "Toco_" !!! ,
    yeah for sure give them a chance
  • abcd "blackmantis" efgh ,
    miss ddz
  • DUN "ebusiness" TOTz ,
    Mushi is ban too? but his playing in fnatic now.
    • onelski "Souma-kun" axalan ,
      wtf? how cone mushi is banned too?lol, i think you made a mistake there, it not mushi, it's lance..they just look a like, somehow
      • vivi "vivi_ornitier" violet ,
        Wtf!! None of them looks like Mushi, and another one (pinoy) confirm one of them looks like Mushi I guess pinoys see the world different
      • plip "invalice" yng ,
        lol i feel lance is more handsome than mushi... i guess maybe even all the players here in redemption look better than mushi.. just saying =p
  • Ste "holypepsi" A ,
    im sure they have learnt a big lesson. Give them a second chance :)


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