Daily Fantasy Sport Sites in Dilemma

Dota 2 Arvind “arvindl” L

Daily Fantasy sport websites such as Draftkings.com and Vulcun.com are in trouble as the Nevada gaming control board issues a ban.

The growth in e-sports has been quite evident in the past few years from having prize pools of $ 500 to almost a staggering $ 18 Million. Various tournaments have a very high prize pool these days and this has led to a case of not only increasing the competitive spirit among pro team but also wagering on these teams with a lot of money on stake. Producing over $ 2.6 Billion over the last few years, the daily fantasy sports sites have been booming and have become the source to making easy money for many. Some of the primary websites which promote wagering in e-sports are Vulcun.com and Draftkings.com.

 The recent rebuke of daily fantasy sports from the Nevada gaming control board has created a lot of agitation. The Nevada gaming control board states that any form of betting on sports is a form of gambling and this forced to shut down the operations of many fantasy sport websites in the state. These Daily Fantasy sport websites are banned in the state of Nevada till they are properly licensed under the gambling law. The big issues in procuring these licenses are they are expensive and the process can be lengthy .Also applying for these licenses implicitly makes the daily fantasy sports contests look like gambling.

Nevada is not the only state to have banned these websites from functioning but other major states like Pennsylvania, Illinois, Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana and Washington are also involved. The current word is that more states in the US will be taking legal action against the daily fantasy sport websites and this might even have a lethal impact on the ones in Europe.

These actions might not put an end to these Daily Fantasy sport sites but they will certainly have a heavy and noticeable impact on them


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  • Arya "saInT_oF_dEaTh" Kumar ,
    I really can not get the point. Fine, follow the rules and come back,
  • david "davidwillfake" williams ,
    This is bullshit. They refuse to recognize E-sports as sports but will do so when it comes to them making money out of it.
  • John "zakuskin" Doe ,
    They does not refuse to recognize e-sports as a sport, conversely, they have recoginzed it and they demand betting sites to obey the law and be registered as a gambling organization.
  • Eliot "yot" Carter ,
    Actually this is good -- it means that eSports will be recognized as sports. Otherwise, the whole thing falls appart. It's not good for those websites until they regulate themselves, but if it allows eSports as a whole (not just LoL) to be recognized as sports, it's great news!
  • Jamo "SonofOden" M ,
    eSports and sports are two different things just like motorsports and sports. They should not get mixed with eachother.
  • Lyme "tetrafvck" Paylor ,
    At the end of the day, it's all about TAX since the prize pool getting bigger before the main event starts by the help of eSports community.. *smh*
  • triumph "dtd.ped0bear" bane ,
    Truth be told, as any other kind of sports , that has betting available to it . Be it from your local news stand or any other kind of medium over the internet or phone, must of course meet the legal requirements. Imagine that you would use BET365 to make a bet on your favourite football game, and the company would have no valid license , nobody to check up on it. Then when all the bets have been made, just closes the site. No1 can be made accountable...for your own losses.
  • Sasha "paladinuig" Lebediev ,
    well it just American things, fell bad for these web-sites.


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