Tralf and Niqua to join Summer's Rift

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The storm seems to have settled for the Summer's Rift's roster after Jiimy 'DeMoN' Ho confirmed that they have added Niclas 'Niqua' Westergård and Mark 'Tralf' Seidl.

After standing in for Summer's Rift for the MLG Pro League qualifiers, both Niclas 'Niqua' Westergård and Mark 'Tralf' Seidl have become official members of the team as Jimmy 'DeMoN' Ho confirmed on twitter that they will be playing with the them in the future. The two players will be replacing recently kicked Brain 'BananaSlamJamma' Canavan and DragonFist.

This puts an end to the drama filled roster changes made by one of the top North American team. These all started with Summer's Rift kicking MiracleChipmunk and losing their TI5 qualifier invite. Following that, the team tried to earn their qualifier invite back via the TI5 open qualifiers, however they failed and finished third. They lost to Unknown.xiu in a best-of-three in the semi finals. After this showing, both BananaSlamJamma and DragonFist (who joined before the TI5 open qualifiers) was kicked from the team.

 'On Monday night, I came to my computer: I was messaged by Jimmy (Demon) and I got kicked. He was like, I can give you the explanation if you want, but I'd like to keep it short. You're kicked.'

- BananaSlamJamma's account being kicked in an interview with joinDOTA.

The removal of the two players resulted in Summer's Rift requiring to play with stand-ins duing the MLG Pro League qualifiers; their stand-ins were both Niqua and Tralf. After taking down NAR 2-1 and qualifying for the MLG Pro League LAN finals, both the former Alliance player Niqua and former  eHug player Tralf were admitted into the team.

Summer's Rift current roster:
Sweden Niclas 'Niqua' Westergård
United States Jimmy 'DeMoN' Ho
United States Braxton 'Brax' Paulson
United States Bryant 'WhiteBeard' Lehwald
United States Mark 'Tralf' Seidl

Source: joinDOTA, Demon's Twitter

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