Chinese TI5 Qualifiers to be held on LAN

Posted by Pranjal "pranjal26" Drall at 21 May 2015 18:30

Chinese teams have decided to hold the TI5 Main Qualifiers on LAN at the Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center, top 2 will also qualify for Mars TV DotA2 League. 

According to a post by Wykrhm Reddy on his Facebook, Chinese teams will be playing the Main Qualifiers for The International 5 on LAN. This means no internet connectivity or ping issues for any of the teams and also adds on a layer of competition because of the LAN environment. The qualifiers will start on 25 May and will go on untill 28 May.

The TI4 Chinese qualifiers were also held offline, this time around they've decided to change the venue; they'll be held at the Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center which also serves as the venue for the largest automobile expo in the world. The top two teams from this tournament will also qualify for the MarsTV DotA 2 League's main event as well. 

Sources: Wykrhm Reddy's Facebook