Secret victorious at The Summit 3

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After losing game one against Evil Geniuses, Team Secret rallied a comeback by winning game two, game three and game four convincingly to be crowned the champion of The Summit 3.

Upper Bracket

Round 1 - Best of 3

Round 2 - Best of 3

Lower Bracket

Round 1 - Best of 3

Round 2 - Best of 3


Best of 5

Prize pool distribution:

1. Europe Team Secret - $115,466 (42.5%)
2. United States Evil Geniuses - $61,129 (22.5%)
3. China Vici Gaming - $35,319 (13%)
4. China LGD Gaming - $27,169 (10%)
5-6. Europe Cloud 9 - $9,509 (3.5%)
5-6. China Invictus Gaming - $9,509 (3.5%)
7-8. Peru Not Today - $6,792 (2.5%)
7-8. Philippines Rave - $6,792 (2.5%)

Game 1

A very quiet laning phase all in all in game one but it was EG that came out slightly on top in comparison because Secret's Dark Seer was zoned out so much, he was still level one by 6 minutes. To make things worse, the Dark Seer gave away the First Blood to the Phantom Lancer. After that, he finally decided to leave the top lane for the jungle and EG wasted no time to push the top tier one. While Secret returned to defend the tower, the catapult got the last hit on it while EG was retreating.

The Drow Ranger is the top farmer at 10 minutes. Knowing that his supports are not exactly doing well, he went into the jungle and let the Shadow Priest get some much needed experience on the bottom lane. Moments later, Vengeful Spirit walked next to the Drow Ranger and smoked up as they headed towards the Roshan Pit. The move was spotted by EG's Clockwerk but fortunately for Secret, Clockwerk wasted his Hook on the Vengeful Spirit and now Secret no longer fear walking into the Rosh pit.

With the Aegis in Drow Ranger's inventory, Secret mowed down two towers on the bottom lane and threatened to go high ground. EG was able to mount a defense to stop the push off Clockwerk's Hook although Secret did deal a significant amount of damage to the tower. Secret was dead set on pushing and this time, they went middle instead. The middle push ended in the death of 4 heroes on Secret's side when EG's reinforcement arrived, fresh from killing Viper on the bottom lane. Secret's second push with 5-man on the middle lane was also easily stopped by EG's defense

Secret's relentless push ended up digging themselves a deeper and deeper hole and although they were able to damage structures rather quickly, they would all drop like flies to the Phantom Lancer in an engagement outside the Roshan pit.

Secret became more passive after losing that fight and EG just outfarmed them by controlling the map and forcing Secret to group up. EG's first push secured them the game.


Game 2

Another quiet early game in game two with the offlane heroes from both teams suffering with Secret having the upper hand during the peaceful farming time. Out of the three lanes, Secret won the middle (due to no big harrassment to the Drow Ranger from Zeus) and the bottom (Broodmother couldn't push because of Shadow Fiend). EG on the other hand, won the top lane and was able to zone out both the Keeper of the Light and the Clockwerk.

Once they got their basic items, the Lycanthrope and the Broodmother went for Necronomicons to increase their pushing ability. The creatures' first showing is on the Dire jungle, after Secret killed Zeus. Lycanthrope, activating the book 2 was able to melt both the Lion and Keeper of the Light in seconds. Lycanthrope and his minions subsequently chased down the Drow Ranger and the Clockwerk while the Shadow Fiend teleported away. At the same time, EG's Broodmother was also given the space to catch up on his farm as he takes down the bottom tier two.

To solidify their lead, EG killed Roshan immediately as he spawned and started pushing towards Secret's base. Secret was unable to defend their bottom melee barracks but got a consolation kill on the Lycanthrope as the rest of EG retreated.

It was at this point where the game started to turn around. Off a few successful smoke ganks on the crucial heroes of EG (Lycanthrope and Zeus especially), Secret was able to secure the Aegis and the Cheese which paved way for them to win the next fight. As they built up their confidence to cross the river, EG's supports namely Zeus and Shadow Priest who were trying to attack from behind were caught by Clockwerk's Cogs and was ineffective the whole battle. Shadow Fiend held the Lycanthrope and Broodmother back only to eat the Cheese to heal himself back to full.

While the buybacks held Secret back from pushing, Secret found yet another pick off in the Dire jungle (Zeus, Shadow Priest and Lycanthrope) and this quickly transitioned into a push for the middle barracks. Secret destroyed the middle barracks and the top barracks but overstayed their welcome as EG heroes respawned. Despite that, their lead at that point of time was too big for EG to make a comeback. Secret took game two.


Game 3

After two quiet laning phases, it is nice to see that Secret getting more aggressive early on. Secret's aggression before the 5 minute mark was very disastrous for the Storm Spirit. The first rotation Secret made was a smoke on the Rubick and the Enchantress towards the middle lane. In addition to the easy kill they got on Storm, the Enchantress also got the kill on EG's courier extending their lead even further. Storm Spirit's horrendous start will see him die two more times, one to the neutral Satyr while he was trying to help kill Clockwerk and another Secret rotation on the middle lane. The middle lane got so bad, Storm was forced to go farm the jungle that wasn't stacked.

Due to the heavy traffic on the middle lane, the Shadow Demon had to constantly stay with the Storm to make sure he doesn't die. This caused EG to not be able use their signature SD-Mirana combo that could win them some fights.

Secret was quick to capitalize on their advantage and gathered to push middle immediately. Getting the middle tier one with no resistance, they moved towards the top lane and destroyed both the towers while pushing back EG's heroes.

As n0tail mentioned on the broadcast, it would only take Secret's mistake to lose them the game but they made no mistake that game. It was all in all, a great showing of teamwork as they went from objectives to objectives. In a fight outside EG's base, EG had difficulty even killing the Rubick and subsequently got wiped for overextending. Losing three heroes trying to unsuccessfully kill the Rubick, EG tapped out.


Game 4

Another disastrous laning phase plagued EG this game. Bounty Hunter played by KuroKy was able to cause all sort of havoc on the top lane and narrowly getting a kill on the Lion and the Chen with a Double Damage rune. Bounty Hunter went on to snipe EG's flying courier on the middle lane, all this while suppressing Chen's farm.

EG's supports were forced to immediately buy Sentry Wards and while it managed to prevent the Bounty Hunter from roaming freely, it also slowed down the progression of the supports. As the rotation started coming, the effect of the disastrous middle lane was amplified by Gyrocopter joining the roam. With no real stunner outside of the Lion (Rocket Barrage goes through Hex), Gyrocopter was able to dive towers as long as he has the HP to do so.

Secret wasted no time in destroying all of EG's outer towers and following a 5v5 engagement on the top lane (picture), EG pulled out the white flag

Headline image from BTS flickr.