MPGL and ACG LAN event at the Selangor Cyber Games

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In a recent announcement, the Selangor Cyber Games was announced to be taking place together with the MPGL Dota2 LAN event and a few other Asian Cyber Game tournaments.

The Selangor Cyber Games are back for a second edition, this time around, working in conjunction with MPGL and ACG. The Cyber Games will be composed of the Dota2 LAN finals for the MPGL, an ACG amateur Dota2 cup and the LAN events for various games by ACG and Selangor Cyber Games. The total prize pool across all events totals to about $60,000; of which $55,000 is for the Dota2 events. The Selangor Cyber Games will take place on the 9th to 10th of May at the Encorp Strand Mall, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

The biggest event that will be taking place at the Selangor Cyber Games is the MPGL Season 7, featuring international participants battling over its $50,000 prize pool. The prize pool distribution is as follows:

Prize pool distribution:
1st - $30,000
2nd - $10,000
3rd - $7000
4th - $3000

As for the other Dota2 event, the Asian Cyber Games amateur division, it will feature 64 amateur all Malaysian teams battling it out in a single elimination best-of-one bracket with a best-of-three grand finals. The $1650 prize pool will be split between the top three teams.

Prize pool distribution:
1st - $825
2nd - $550
3rd - $275

This is the second edition of the Selangor Cyber Games and it features many changes from its predecessor which took place in Dec 2014 and featured a lan events for four games over two days, the events were all hosted by the Selangor Cyber Games; their Dota2 events featured an amateur and professional division which had a combined prize pool of about $7000.

MPGL invited teams:
Malaysia Team MY
Malaysia G-Guard
Thailand Signature.Trust
Korea MVP.Hot6ix
Indonesia Rex Regum Qeon
Singapore 5eva
Malaysia United We Stand
Thailand iDeal Gigabyte
Malaysia Team Ice
China TBA
Philippines TBD
Philippines TBD



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