Rave first team to qualify for The Summit

Dota 2 Pranjal “pranjal26” Drall

After a thrilling best of five series that went the entire distance, Rave have come out ahead and took the top position in The Summit SEA Qualifiers, beating MVP Phoenix and grabbing a spot for the event in Los Angeles.

The Summit 3 will feature a Prize pool of over $146,000 but with only one slot for SEA. Rave after finishing strong in DAC earlier this year are continuing to impress, they have qualified for the LAN finals by beating the rejuvenated MVP Phoenix squad in a long drawn out five game series, the LAN finals are to be held in Los Angeles, California in May 2015.

Rave were clear favourites coming into the qualifiers considering their DAC performance, even though the finals went the full distance, the Korean based Powerhouse managed to pull through by beating MVP Phoenix three games to two. 

MVP Phoenix made roster changes post DAC, replaced Heen & Forev  with Febby & kphoenii, although they won't be moving on to the LAN finals but they've still proved themselves with the new roster by getting this far into the qualifiers and taking two games against Rave. 

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