Meracle forges 5eva with former FD and ii players

Dota 2 Jonathan “Sillyham” Estuart

Shortly after the dissolution of SEA scene mainstay First Departure, Meracle and fellow ex-FD member poloson have teamed up again, alongside two members from Insidious Idol, to form 5eva. 

After facing difficulties maintaining their roster following the departure of founding member Paul 'Hana' Tan, First Departure officially disbanded on January 30th, leading Galvin 'Meracle' Kang Jian Wen to announce via tweet, "I'll still be playing competitive in another Singapore team." Today marks the official announcement that Meracle will be joining a brand new Singaporean team, dubbed 5eva. The famed carry player will be playing with former teammate Wilson 'poloson' Koh Chin, and former Insidious Idol players Adrian 'Ysaera' Hong Rui Wui and Joel 'Chibix' Chan. Rounding out the lineup is Kok 'KS' Sin Ang, who has been a member of First Departure before.

By consolidating several strong players in the SEA scene onto the same team, 5eva looks to fill the power vacuum left behind after the loss of First Departure and continue upon the former team's growing success following TI4. The team will be managed by Bryan 'Jupi' Koay and Kimberlyn 'PMS.Kimchi' See, who previously managed First Departure and Insidious Idol respectively.

5eva roster:

Singapore Galvin 'Meracle' Kang Jian Wen
Singapore Adrian 'Ysaera' Hong Rui Wui
Singapore Kok 'KS' Sin Ang
Singapore Joel 'Chibix' Chan
Singapore Wilson 'polson' Koh Chin

Headline image by First Departure (Facebook)

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