Arteezy to part ways with Evil Geniuses?

Dota 2 Sovann “Skim” Kim has reported today that North-American shootingstar Artour 'Arteezy' Babaev is set to part ways with his team and sponsor Evil Geniuses, with a destination yet unknown.

Relying on "two sources close to the team and player", has reported that Artour 'Arteezy' Babaev is set to leave Evil Geniuses. The Canadian shootingstar, who was awarded with Midplayer of the year in the GosuGamers Awards 2014, is one of the core figures of the North-American team that won a total of seven championship titles this year, with top placements in many more.

A few days ago, many players and community figures have hinted out that a big reshuffle in the scene will take place. Ever since, speculations have emerged from all sides of the community, but ultimately nothing is set in stone yet. The author of the DailyDot article however has claimed via twitter that Arteezy's departure is a done deal, saying that they [DailyDot] got confirmation. 

Arteezy's destination is unknown for now, with rumors bringing up multiple names, most notably those of Cloud 9, a team he previously played for when they were still known as Kaipi, and Team Secret, who recently announced that they would undergo roster changes. 



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