Four-way tie concludes The Summit European round robin

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The European round robin for The Summit is done, with Team Secret leading the group at nine points dropping only 2 games out of 11. Following closely behind them is a four-way tie at seven points between Cloud 9, VP.Polar, Na'vi and Power Rangers.

The European round robin for The Summit 2, the second iteration of Beyond the Summit's The Summit tournament, has concluded with Team Secret, Cloud 9, VP.Polar and Power Rangers proceeding to the next stage. The next stage will be a double elimination bracket between the top four, all games will be best-of-three with the exception of the grand finals which will be a best-of-five. Due to the three-way tie between Cloud 9, VP.Polar and Power Rangers, Team Secret will be picking their opponent going into the bracket, the other two teams will face each other. The double elimination bracket will be taking place from 4th November to the 6th of November.


Team G W L P
11 9 2 9
11 7 4 7
11 7 4 7
11 7 4 7
11 7 4 7
11 6 5 6
11 5 6 5
11 5 6 5
11 5 6 5
11 4 7 4
11 3 8 3
11 1 10 1
Matches and results

The four-way seven points tie:


"Eternal Envy(left), Cloud 9's carry"

There was a four-way tie between Na'vi, Power Rangers, Cloud 9 and VP.Polar. It was Beyond the Summit's decision to eliminate Na'vi as they lost all the internal head-to-head matches to the other teams of the tie. Remaining teams of the tie won one game each as well as having lost one game each, thus was the tie further unsolveable with head-to-head results. As for whom will take fourth seed, the choice was given to Team Secret who topped the group at 9 points.

Notable results:

Power Rangers started off the round robins by going 1 - 3 in the first two days, only picking up a game against Balkan Bears Corleone. They then proceed to win against all the other teams in the following days dropping only one game against Team Secret to end up 7-4 with 7 points in the end.

Alliance ended the group 5 - 6, they started off by dropping two games to Kompass and Power Rangers and constantly stayed lower than top 3.

Na'vi lost the final two crucial match against Cloud9 and Virtus Pro.Polar, resulting in their elimination from the top four tie. Virtus.Pro Polar on the other hand took down the group winner Team Secret in their last game, which was the only way for them to advance at that point.

Teams in the double elimination brackets

Europe Team Secret
Russia VP.Polar
Belarus Power Rangers
International Cloud 9

The games of the double elimination brackets will be casted by the Beyond the Summit studio. Click here for more information on The Summit 2.

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