Arrow implicated in matchfixing scandal

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The matchfixing scandal was seemingly uncovered and over, but new evidence has emerged. Dota2Lounge's investigation has brought up new evidence that suggests that Arrow Gaming has been taking part in matchfixing as well.

Through a certain thread on reddit earlier today, more evidence has emerged regarding the matchfixing scandal in the South-East Asian region. While there is no doubt about MSI and Mineski's involvement, another SEA team has been implicated. TI4 contestant Arrow Gaming is accused of being guilty of matchfixing. 

Following the initial matchfixing accusations regarding MSI and Mineski, Dota2Lounge has launched their own investigation and looked into suspicious behaviour. While no further evidence was needed against MSI or Mineski after the confessions, new evidence has been brought up, implicating Arrow Gaming. Apparently, Lance's and ddz's girlfriends have shown suspicious betting against Arrow, as well as Vallejos, who was part of the MSI and Mineski scandal.

Arrow Gaming has yet to release a statement regarding these accusations. BeyondTheSummit however has already taken action and has removed Arrow Gaming from The Summit 2 SEA main stage. When it comes to Synergy League, the organizers announced that they will not be punishing Arrow as a whole, but both ddz and Lance have been banned from the tournament forever.


Headline and news image from Arrow Gaming's Facebook
Source: Reddit