SexyBamboe departs from Korea and Zephyr

Posted by Sovann "Skim" Kim at 28 September 2014 23:45

After nine months of living in Korea, Dutch player SexyBamboe has decided to depart from Team Zephyr and will return to Europe. While he plans on staying in the scene and looking for a new team, nothing concrete has been stated yet.

Alaan 'SexyBamboe' Faraj has decided to depart both Zephyr and Korea. Faraj announced his decision today, stating that he will be leaving in a few weeks. JoinDota reached out to the player and managed to grab a few statements on the situation. Towards jD, Bamboe expresses that the 'Korean/SEA scene isn't as developed as any other scene. My ambition as a player exceeds the capability the scene can provide.' Furthermore he elaborates that Korea was an offseason for him, and he plans to join a new squad with more focus and dedication.

Zephyr was founded in January this year, announced to be a team built on friendship. Captain William 'Blitz' Lee had not been successful with his South Korean squad and the team eventually disbanded. In an unexpected turn of events, instead of Lee finding a new Korean team to play with, he was joined by North-Americans Kevin 'Purge' Godec, Corey 'Corey' Wright and Steven 'Eosin' Cheng. Together with Dutchmen Bamboe Zephyr was formed.

The team shook up the Korean scene, winning both KDL Season 1 and the Nexon Sponsorship League Season 3. Ever since then however, the team failed to live up to their fans' expectations and fell behind several SEA competitors, resulting in the premature elimination from the regional TI4 qualifiers. After TI4, former professional player turned caster Ben 'Merlini' Wu joined the squad, replacing Purge who had decided to focus on management. The roster change did not improve the situation, however, as the players reportedly lacked the required motivation.


Sources: Bamboe quotes by joinDota; Twitter